Do you warm up the oil before applying? {Hair Care}

Yesterday, there was kinda a huge disaster averted. It arose from the same topic as I am about to discuss. Do you warm the oil before applying it? I love to do it as often as possible. I love the relaxation it gives me and I feel oil gets absorbed better on those days! 

And, for me, its a perfect end for a stressful day. Anyways, what I used to do was boil a medium sized utensil full of water and then put the oil bottle into that utensil for like 15 min. Oh! make sure that the oil bottle is not plastic or the water is not boiling hot coz the oil bottle can deform due to excess heat. 
And, then, pour the heated oil from the bottle into a small bowl and apply the oil using cotton ball immediately on the scalp. Or, if I am using this nozzle tipped bottle, I put that bottle directly into the hot water. You can get the water from the geyser as well, btw! 

These methods of heating the oil are perfectly safe but since either of these methods have not been working out for me recently, what I was doing was taking a bowl of oil and heating it directly on the gas. Worst idea EVER! Keep the oil bowl for 2 minutes on the gas and oil boils over. But, I managed it somehow until yesterday. 
I had kept a bowl of oil on the gas for like 1 minute probably and the moment I came back into the kitchen, the oil caught fire right in front of me!! I was like stunned. It was burning high and I could not use water to extinguish it coz any drop of water would make the fire blow up even more. 
Then, I had to call my MIL. She tried to blow off the fire but the oil was igniting again and again. So, finally, she took the bowl with the handler and somehow managed to drop it into the sink. The oil spluttered and the fire blew up for a second and then extinguished. But, it was a lesson for me ๐Ÿ˜€ 
Never again will I try it and am before-hand advising you to stay away from such experimentations. It is a bad bad idea. Better to stick to dropping the bottle in hot water. I am not even going to microwave the oil ever again.

So, have you ever had any of such almost-kitchen disasters?

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  1. sam says

    when u r heating oil directly, make sure put in on low flame and not more than 30 seconds.( i would be counting 1-30 at that time). this becomes mandatory when u r using mustard oil.
    source. granny big big khazana of beauty tips

  2. says

    Often but not always :) Warming up the oil reply helps with the penetration part! But I make sure I ONLY use a double boiler to warm it up or else it means I am burning the goodness present in it LOL

  3. says

    oh god…wt a terrible accident it was.I am glad you are safe :) I also love using hot-oil massage.So i took oil in a mini steel bowl and put it half merged in hot water of another big bowl.I hold the mini bowl over hot water for 5-7 mins and the oil is warm enough for use.So this double-boiler like system works good for me :) But when i am very tired or lazy i just put the oil in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in microwave for 30-45seconds,then apply it :)

  4. Anusha Nagesh says


    You can use double boiler technique, in which u can keep a water in a vessel to boil and place the cup of oil on it and bring both to boil. This will hep oil retains its good nature.

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