Tea Tree Oil for Lice and Dandruff {Hair Care}

A few days back I mentioned that my dandruff and hair loss both are in control or let me say less considerably. But, I forgot to mention about Tea Tree EO. Well, it works amazingly for scars and acne and other breakouts as reported by those who tried it so I thought I would give a try on the scalp.

Since tea tree oil is an antiseptic, it is able to fight the infections and the bacteria. And, thus, an amazing deterrent for lice and dandruff. Tea Tree EO can be applied directly on the skin as well which is why I use a couple of drops (2-5) on the scalp and the hair length.
The fragrance of the oil is enough to keep away the adult lice and kills the young lice when the eggs hatch. Also, it controls the oil production on the scalp and keeps it moisturized. Tea Tree Oil is best for oily scalp but dry scalp can also benefit from it. Mixing tea tree and lavender EO’s, both of which can be directly applied to skin, will help with hair growth and stimulate the blood circulation. 

But, be cautious in the amount of EO’s used as they are ultimately pure essences and can cause irritation if used in excess. Also, people with eczema and psoriasis and such skin disorders should never apply any essential oil on the skin directly.
Have you use tea tree oil for hair problems?
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