Salon Range Products or Natural Products for Hair? {Your Opinion}

I have always been torn between these two. Well, for starters, I love experimenting with natural products and home remedies!! But, on the other hand, professional products are well-researched and prepared and categorized exactly for your hair type and issue. 

If you ask me to choose between the two, I would be hard-pressed. These days my hair care routine or habits have changed so much. If I look at all my hair diaries which started way back in 2012, I used to use over-the-counter products and stressed more on natural brands (mainly Biotique) or home remedies. But, slowly, I can see myself transition into using hassle-free products. 
I have started spending more and buying SLS-free shampoos and professional range conditioners because the regular conditioners do not work for me at all. Ok, one reason I can say natural products or herbal brands appeal more is the expense. The professional products are usually very expensive. I would love to give Kerastese a try, its not that I can not afford it but somehow I do think before going for it, not that I can guarantee Kerastese will work fabulously on me!!
Also, lately, I have started hating applying products which are gooey and need a lot of pre-processing or post-processing like mixing some herbal hair powders with water or something else or mashing banana and papaya into a mix and applying it or even curd, for that matter. For one, the smell is awful and second, you really need to make sure nothing is dripping all over the house while you are working with all that on your head.
So, I have reached a compromise with myself and have started buying ayurvedic oils which I try to diligently apply before every hair wash. I do love to check out different ones so you will never find me sticking to one which is quite sad in one way!! And, I have started buying organic shampoos and conditioners, not professional yet, which reduce my time in the bathroom. Also, as a leave-in, I am sticking to natural oils for now because they are working great.
What do you prefer – the natural or herbal products or the salon or professional ranges for hair care?
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  1. Anonymous says

    home remedies need lot of patience and time , i go for natural ones during weekends
    Professional ones during weekdays :)


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