My Hair Diary – January 2014

Huh….I have been too busy to take care of my skin or my hair!! Ok, that is not entirely correct and no one is really so busy that they do not have time to do something they really want. If you want to do something, you will always find a way for it. 

Anyways, coming to the point, I found that the hair diary series has been ignored since October. I do not think I did anything specific for the hair during the past three months. When I was in home, I used my mom’s oil and the kamini shampoo. When in Hyderabad, I simply neglected my hair. When in Vizag, I got one hair spa done just before the wedding and used to use some oil which was made by one of my cousin which was also pretty good. Have to ask the recipe!! 
After the wedding started my hair woes. I caught lice from my niece :( Poor girl is suffering from a major case of lice and apparently nothing is working out. I did not stay long enough to actually know her case or propose any solution to her.

Later I got dandruff as well coz of extremely dry hair. I have not used conditioner since December and have oiled my hair like 2-3 times in the entire month before leaving for Delhi. So, you can imagine the hair to be just like jhadooo (a broomstick). My entire December I spent my hair scratching. And, O started facing a major case of hair fall.
Once I came to Delhi, my mom took care of the lice issue and my hair felt a little better with regular oiling. Since then I have made the resolution to take better care of the hair. So, in my case, regular oiling has definitely shown a marked improvement in dryness of the hair, the dandruff and also the hair fall. I think the hair fall was due to dandruff.

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  1. Pranali says

    Lice???? That’s one of the rare things u get to hear these days.. I think neem oil works on lice..
    My hair isn’t doing well too.. I’ve been having major hair loss this year.. Guess my hair is still adjusting to the new hair oil..

    • says

      yup Pranu….its a rare issue but still its there!! hmmmm…should try out that. well, yup, and its the winter season so generally the hair fall is more. even mine got a bit controlled after i started oiling regularly and using an sls free shampoo again!!

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