Just Gossip Vol. 29 – A Blind Test and The Week!!

the blind test for Love Long Hair Range at Perfect Skin Care for you
PS: I am sorry for posting this but my post went up live quite before it should have been!!

So, I was preparing lunch today taking instructions from my mom on phone when P got this courier. It could never have come on a more opportune time! I was just waiting for the bhindi to get fried to go for a head bath. I had slapped quite a generous amount of oil in my hair right when I got up thinking it would be a nice day to give my hair a very relaxed weekend. 

What courier am I talking about? Ok, I was approached by these PR people to be a part of a blind test they are conducting. An international brand is launching itself in India with its Love Long Hair Range and it has found out a very innovative and interesting way to get everyone’s attention. 
So, I think many of the bloggers would be getting these shampoo and conditioner bottles with no names or anything and we have to test the product for two weeks and get the verdict out before the brand reveals itself!! Did it catch your attention? Well, it did mine! 
the blind test for Love Long Hair Range at Perfect Skin Care for you

And, I am soooo excited to test this product out. The best part is the conjecture about what brand it could be? Well, the conditioner smelt something familiar to me. My guess right now is on Pantene but I have to say that the shampoo did not really lather that much! Update: Now, I think it is L’Oreal coz it smells almost like the Total Five Conditioner!

the blind test for Love Long Hair Range at Perfect Skin Care for you
Anyways, lets wait up to two weeks and see how the product works out for my hair. For now, I can say that, even though I thought it would fail, it did pass in removing all the massive amount of oil from the hair in two washes!! And, yup, today, I made the first almost entire meal of my life ๐Ÿ˜€ It is so damn exhausting to work the entire day in the kitchen ๐Ÿ˜
So, how is your weekend going on?
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  1. Coral crue says

    what an interesting way to catch our attention. i agree, it’s not an easy task to make an entire meal, i am not very fond of the kitchen especially when people depend on me for food…..!!!

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