Do you love searching for new products? {Your Opinion}

I have always loved going to supermarkets and checking out their beauty section. And, always, more often than not, I find something interesting to buy which is not so widely known of or available. Yesterday again I got a chance to go to a new supermarket with my colleague for her household shopping.

And, I got a hair oil concentrate which should be diluted in usual coconut or mustard oil and applied on the scalp. It sounded so interesting and it was also very inexpensive so I got it immediately and I am dying to try it out!! Of course, I will let you know about it if I like it or not!!
Recently on one of my trips, I also found out that Dabur sells tiny vials of clove oil for prevention from tooth aches. Now, I have mentioned that I love using clove oil for my hair. And, these clove oil bottles will work perfectly as they are so tiny and one vial can be diluted with 100ml of regular hair oil.

Also, there I found something called kalonji oil which is black seed oil. I have no idea about how it really helps but it has multitude of health benefits but there is no scientific evidence on the beauty benefits for now!! So, these are small kinds of things which I love to explore and come to know when I go to the supermarkets. 
Also, a few days back, while we were on a walk, we found the Art of Living divine shop which is just like the patanjali shops. They have suddenly cropped up quite a lot of places. I got a body oil from there! 
They have almost a huge section of cosmetics and I got to know about some other better products from there which I am itching to go and buy. Will talk about them once I am convinced of their quality.

Do you love shopping beauty in supermarkets? Or, do you just prefer to go to the regular brands?
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    I don’t usually buy from supermarkets, but I do religiously buy my creams and shampoos from there because you get a lot of options to choose from but sadly I know which one I want and I don’t experiment nowadays like I used to 😀

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    I love searching for new brands, normally if it is a more natural product and if the packaging is pretty, I totally fall for it. However, I have always stuck to Olay moisturiser for my face as I have not found anything better!

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