Blogging Series Vol. 17 – Where do you compose your posts from?

I have to say that my hubby has given this blog a new lease of life. I had been just so tired of thinking of what to post everyday and nothing would turn up in my mind. And, then, he went ahead and announced to my in-laws that my blog had won the indiblogger awards and they were happy! And, when finally my mom unpacked the award which reached home yesterday, my mom was so angry with me for not telling her about it all. I do not know what to say!!
And coming back to today’s post, there is nothing better than your own comfort zone. I love typing my posts from the coziness of my bed and blanket. Where do you love to blog from? Do you love to use your study table or the sofa or have you created a workspace in the house? Or, may be sitting in a park where ideas come to you in a jiffy? I do not also mind taking my laptop to a wifi connected bistro and sipping coffee and eating all junk all day long and composing the posts but I have not done that YET. 
These many days I have so missed blogging but I never understood that what I was missing more was actually sitting comfortably on the bed and typing away! It feels like heaven as I get back to my older routine of coming back home and fueling my growling tummy and having a bath and sitting with lappy in my lap. 

I have finally got almost everything in order. The wifi is set up, the laptop is up and working and I get to spend sometime alone in which I can finish this work. He is gonna kill me if he reads this ๐Ÿ˜€ 

Anyways, I have seen or rather read that most of the work from home bloggers or full time bloggers actually create workspace in their house to use for blogging. Do you do that?

I do not think that I can stick to it even if I become a full-time blogger. It is just so cumbersome to sit on a chair and type. I even hate sitting in my office which is why most of the time I roam around and you would ask when do I even get my work done ๐Ÿ˜€

I do know that many people do find a workspace set up more inspirational to work. It increases your own seriousness towards the work and especially when you work full time, you need to be a lot serious to blogging. The habit also helps in keeping the personal life separate or be worried about posts all day long.

Did you know Jeffrey Archer is such a meticulous writer that he writes from 6-8 AM, 10-12 AM, 2-4 PM and again 6-8 PM. He also advises that it is always good to set your schedule as to when you will write (the tip is for writers but also applies to bloggers) and do nothing else in the time but write even if you do not want to. Also, it is good to take regular fresh air to give a break to your brain. (Source)

So, what do you do? Type away the comments from your comfort zone :)
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