5 Goofups I made as a bride {Five Series}

Huh…there were so many things I totally ignored or freaked out on unnecessarily. Ok, my only tip to all would-be brides over there – Do not really bother on what everyone says. Do your own thing in which you are more comfortable.
For me, makeup was something I should have never bothered myself with. Instead, I should have stuck to searching out a good place to get my skin and hair care getting done. Similarly, I had a lot of trouble making decisions coz of being out of station and lack of references. So, check out what went wrong and what can you avoid.
Well, I have to say finally that whosoever does my makeup, I am not really comfortable with it. Yup, it can also be due to the fact that I did not get it done by some of the best but honestly, I do not give a damn to it. This is probably the most expensive thing which I completely wasted money on; that too on a lady whom I had employed completely on recommendation.

You might think that how can a bride not have makeup? How will a bride look like one? But, in my wedding, there was literally no makeup on my face! Only the two rituals before that, I had got makeup done which I honestly hated but thankfully the snaps are not glaringly aboard! 

If you are like me, I would suggest you to dispense off with such pretensions and concentrate on things which really matter to you. Also, I bought so many makeup things which I will not end up using in my entire lifetime. I have no idea what to do with them!!
Appoint a Lady with the terms and conditions clearly explained
Gosh, the makeup and mehendi both were complete disaster in my case. 
The lady, I appointed on recommendation, knew she was supposed to stay till 4 AM in the morning during the wedding because that was the last change of saree to Madhuparkam, a white saree with a red border, in which the actual wedding takes place. But, she started to make some hoobla at around 1. Then, she did not do any makeup but still charged the same amount. Also, she did not tie the Madhuparkam properly either.
Same thing happened with the mehendi lady. The girl came at around 4 PM and it took almost six hours for the design and she was constantly squabbling which was a real pain and then she made a hoobla on amount of money. I know it all sounds so messed up and yes I guess they were not professionals. But, I had no idea earlier. 
If you are having an outstation wedding, better go beforehand and get a trial like almost a month before. I know its easy for me to say this but it was not possible in my own case.
Getting all worked up
Be calm, no matter what. And, always remember, things WlLL go wrong and that is absolutely fine!
Wedding is the time when we meet all kinds of relatives from ones you have grown up with to the ones you never knew existed. Everyone will come and offer help and create chaos in your otherwise organized plans. Even my mum got all worked up with the amount of advises poring in. It is better to turn a deaf ear to all such things.
No Hair Care
The biggest blooper in all of this was that I had not got any hair servicing done! I had been following a decent hair regimen but all the while I was getting my facials and other things done, I never paid the least attention to my hair. I would not say that my hair is looking terrible but I should have taken care of it. 
Related to Blog
I think this was something which I should have planned early on. I totally forgot about my availability and took some products to review which obviously I have not been able to deliver till NOW!! In fact, I could not plan for the blog properly.
The wedding was fixed in September middle and the engagement was in last week of October followed by Diwali and then the wedding in November middle which was almost a one week affair if I think of all the rituals. I could not plan for the blog at all during this time either due to lack of interest or due to lack of time.
So, these were my goofups as a bride. But, if I look back, honestly, I do not think they were really much important. Except for my blog handling and time management skills, I do not really regret any of the bloopers above. So, again, I would reiterate: relax and enjoy and remember things will go wrong.

So, what were your goofups?

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    I guess I was too tense about the actual ceremony to think much about anything else! I looked at the photos later and realized that though everything looked great, I had the same silly smile plastered on my face throughout!! 😀

    • says

      hehe…Rosh, in fact I have to say that I was totally unconcerned about the ceremony. I didn’t even realize I was getting married, everything happened in such a rush!!!

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