What would be an ideal first gift? {Your Opinion}

So, its my hubs birthday coming in the next week. And, I am totally out of gifting ideas. And, this time, its quite a co-incidence. My birthday according to the stars is falling on the same day so its kinda 2-in-1 celebration. Now, what does birthday according to stars mean? 
Well, its kinda difficult to explain but its the day on which you were born according to the Indian or astrological calender which differs from the english calender by almost 1-15 days depending on the planetary movements and full moon and new moon. 
Anyways, coming back to the topic. What do you think would be a good gift option? Well, on top of my list is wallet. Where do you get nice wallets in Delhi or Hyderabad, btw? 

This guy has strange fetish for watches but then he owns pretty good number of brands and does not even wear them. So, I do not want to waste the money giving him something which is not gonna be used! No electronics. No clothes. Huh…is that all we use?
Chip in your ideas!!
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    I am giving my fiance a wallet that i got from World of titan! U can go have a look at their collection. Shades would also be a good choice :) BTW congrats Swati for ur marriage :)

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