Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer {Product Review}

Ok, so when I was talking about bathroom hygiene, I had mentioned that it is a prelude to a product review. And, now, we have this product which is a toilet sanitizer which you can carry anywhere. 
I have delayed its review by quite a long time. It came to me sometime in middle of September but I hardly had the chance to use it to my satisfaction or write the review. And, I most sincerely apologize for the delay.
How many times we see dirty toilets and wish that the place was clean just like our houses, right? Well, this product can be the first step towards that. Okay, at least the hygiene part!!
Now that I went on the trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh last week and traveled to Delhi in the train, I got to use the product to my liking, especially on the Train! The product should be sprayed on the intended object like commodes or taps or door knobs, wait for 5 seconds so that 99.99% germs are killed and then it is safe to be used.
The product claims to kill 99.99% germs. Now, I can not really say that how much percentage of germs are dead by this but let me just say that may be it will help at least with a 50% being very pessimistic. 
Now, the spray is a bit strong so keep away the children when you are doing it. If you have sprayed a deo for 5 seconds, you would know how much gas it releases and how strong it can become. Probably its best to be a little away while spraying so that you do not end up choking. 
Otherwise, its a pretty helpful object which can be used anywhere and it is easy to carry or wrap in a hand towel and at least can give you a mental satisfaction of cleanliness.   
Price : Rs 120
Website : Safety Kart
Have you used any toilet sanitizer till date?
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  1. Coral crue says

    considering the hygiene standards of the toilets at most places out here, it’s better to carry something like this around.

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