Just Gossip Vol. 28 – The Secret is Out!!

I can not NOT share this with you!! Hehe…it is the most hilarious experience ever. My husband performed a google search on “What would be the first ideal gift” and the above pic explains all!!

He found the title interesting and started reading this post where I talked about our birthdays falling on the same day and what should I be gifting him! He thought that to be quite a coincidence. Then, he plunged further and checked out the New Year post where I mentioned Podgatlapalli which is his native place. Then, he plunged even further and found out the first night post which he was so angry with me for putting up 😀 He was like even I do not have those hotel snaps and you put them online 😐

I have never disclosed about my blogging work to any of my family members and lately I had been contemplating on telling it to my hubby but I was a little hesitant. And, then he stumbles on it automatically which negates my need to tell him anything!
Anyways, telling him this has made me rather open with him so guess whatever happened was for the good :) Oh btw, we had a post-wedding photoshoot on the Republic Day. It was fun and I shall be relating the experience sometime soon!
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  1. Pranali says

    Didnt he guess that its you when he read the name swati murti? This makes me wonder if swati is your real name or just for the blog..!!
    But then- naam mein kya raha hai.. Content is imp!!

  2. says

    You haven’t disclosed it to ur family about your blogggg till date!!! omg!! I must seriously appreciate you for doing a commendable job all on ur own for ur blog swati! Respect!! :)

    • says

      haha…yup I have not disclosed about it directly. my mom dad know i do something but not with much clarity. my hubby being more net savvy stumbled here on his own. but it is not really a difficult thing to build it. and, thanks a lot for your kind words :)

  3. Amisha Gandhi Ahuja says

    This is really hilarious yaar!!
    Good that he knows now.. but bad that you cant do secret ranting.. 😛

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