Just Gossip Vol. 26 – I am off to Delhi!

Well, this mail is written quite in advance and I have yet to leave for Delhi so consider this a scheduled post!! It so happens every time that whenever I am to take leave in the office, the previous week, I am made to work like a donkey! So, this time, I have decided to put a leave tomorrow instead of going to office or working from home. 
Worse still, I broke my specs on Tuesday and I have a doc’s appointment tomorrow morning. Then, in the evening, our train is at 5. Yup, taking train coz all flights are almost getting canceled or on indefinite delay to Del otherwise I so wanna be at home RIGHT NOW. And, this is my first visit home since my marriage so its kinda different. I am staying there for 10 days as usual and my in laws and hubs will return back after Pongal. 
We have thought of going to Haridwar and Rishikesh. Lets see how much will that come up with the horribly dropping temps over there and my IL’s not being accustomed to that cold!! So, there may be fewer posts this week but lets see and I am back to Hyderabad on Sunday. So, adieus till then if I do not login from Delhi! 
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