Is self-diagnosis a healthy habit? {Health}

I have had this habit of googling my symptoms to find out if I have a dreaded disease or condition since I have been hooked to internet. In fact, last August or September, I had been so convinced that I have PCOS/PCOD that I wanted to contact a gyneac immediately and it was all because of the facial hair. 

Again what happened in October was I started visiting the washroom too many times in the day and my mum was staying with me at that time so she asked me if I have developed diabetes. I suddenly became so conscious that I reduced the intake of fluids!! And, started to search for other symptoms of diabetes. 
I have done this multiple number of times like when I wanted to find out whether rheumatoid arthritis was genetic or when retina detachment was diagnosed in my eyes. Thankfully, either of the time I did not really land up with the doctor but it is a serious habit which can have long term implications if it becomes an obsession. 
When I found out more about retina detachment and talked to my eye doc about it, the only advise she gave was that never read on internet about health condition. What she said was there are so many parameters which actually affect the said condition and our own body build plays a very important role in how far a condition can affect you so not all we read can be true for us. 
It is a very subjective affliction and it is better to keep a positive mind about anything instead of reading a lot of depressing stuff. 
On a very different plane, I am a subscriber of a very famous feminist blog but sometimes when I see the posts over there, I feel depressed. I think that it only brings out the worst parts of the society. Well, that is what the blog is aimed at and I am not want criticizing it. It is just that it does not appeal to my sense of optimism. 
Similarly, reading a lot about medical conditions, pregnancies, cancers online can give you a personal perspective on a thing and act as a motivation but it can never really answer your questions correctly. If you are really interested in finding an answer for yourself, it is better to go to the doctor and get a professional opinion. 
That being said, one should never run to the doc without much observation on their own part either!! It is very important to connect with your body to really listen to its needs and wants and what it is trying to convey.
Do you also try to self-diagnose?
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