How to treat lice? {Hair Care}

I hate to admit it but the dandruff story I told you turned into the story of lice. May be I have dandruff as well but I was successful in getting rid of lice in only 2 washes. So, here goes my story and please remember this is a milder case of lice. I got the infestation through my niece during the wedding. 
Things you need
Mediker Shampoo
Lice Comb
1. Apply undiluted vinegar on your scalp and hair length using a cotton ball and leave it on for 1-2 hours. For children, use 50% diluted vinegar with water.
Vinegar loosens the glue which lice uses to stick to the scalp and hair.
2. Wash your hair with Mediker shampoo. Like it says on the bottle, keep the shampoo on the scalp for 4-5 minutes minimum. Rinse with water. 
Mediker makes your hair reallyyyyyyy rough!!
3. After you come out of the shower, use the towel wrap to wring out the water in your hair and comb it. Yes, I know it is not good but for lice, you have no other choice. Once you untangle your hair using the regular comb (hopefully wide-toothed one), run the lice comb right from the edge of the scalp to the tip of the hair in small sections of hair. Better yet, get someone else to comb your hair and make sure you have your shoulder and neck covered. You will see lots of lice eggs and lice coming out of the hair and you do not want them to end on your skin!!
If you are lucky, you are rid of the lice and if not, repeat this process twice a week. And, use hot water on your hair as it kills lice. Yup, not a good idea again but no other choice!! And, it is good to repeat this process after 15 days – 1 month again to make sure you are of all remnants of lice.
4. Change the bed covers after this entire process. 
Hope this helps! How do you get rid of lice?
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