How often should the bathroom be cleaned? {Your Opinion}

Ok, so, this is a prelude to a product review. Now that I have been living in a house where the maid refuses to do the bathroom due to hygiene issues, it has become a US-like lifestyle where you do all things on your own. Even my mom actually has no maid in the house and she takes care of everything coz the maids are overcharging there in Delhi for the amount of work they do!! 
Anyways as much inconvenient it might be that maids are not cleaning the bathroom, I can really not say anything against it coz if we can not clean our stink ourselves, we have no right to ask it of others! This is one of the reason for the upsurge of so many professional sanitation services these days and they charge absurdly!! Check out on Sulekha if you need one.
So, this brought me straight to the question of how often one should clean the bathroom and second and more personal question of how clean is your bathroom. I might hit on some nerves here and I have no compunction doing that coz I know how it feels to enter a completely unmaintained bathroom. 
My mom is a cleanliness fanatic and even my dad is almost the same. So, every weekend at least, they clean the bathrooms using harpic and lizol or acid or what not and make it spic and span. If necessary, my dad cleans the bathroom more frequently like when relatives are gonna stay. To keep the commodes clean, he also puts a harpic tablet into the flush which runs for at least a week. 
This is what happens at my house where the occupants were three and later two. In my case, I used to get my bathroom cleaned every second day, on an average, even though it was only me using it. And, I have to add this that I did not know that my mom used to keep even the bathroom tiles clean and unmarked unless she came to stay with me and did the same in my bathroom.  
So, now, I have become such a freak that the maids would probably be afraid of the amount of work I will make them do in the bathroom. One concession is that if you get the things done correctly and to your amount of satisfaction in the first go and maintain it regularly thereafter, it is pretty easy to keep up with the same routine.     
So, how often do you clean your bathrooms?
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  1. Coral crue says

    I do it myself as the maid does not do bathrooms either and if she ever does it’s a terrible job so i still prefer to clean it myself. been doing it for years and i take really long to clean it up spic and span when i do. i really wish i could use a professional sanitation service but the rates are exorbitant

    • says

      yup that’s so true, coral….they make such a mess of the work. its easy to do on our own but sometimes we do get lazy!!! yup professional services almost keep 200% profit.

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