Blogging Series Vol. 16 – Are you setting up goals for 2014?

I do not remember if I did a round up of the blogging goals achieved in January, 2013 but I do know that I did not do it yet. The reason being the second half of the last year fared badly for my blog as you all are already aware! I guess I was taking blogging too seriously and it became really monotonous because of which I felt like being burnt out all the time.

Anyways, leaving all that aside, I would say that the blog was doing quite well in first half of 2013 and I would like to take the blog from there!! So, for all you bloggers over there, are you creating strategies for your blog this year or just keeping simple.
Aim High but keep lesser goals as well
I had decided last year that by the end of 2013, I would like to earn some x amount from the blog. It is a good goal but there was no plan as to how I was going to achieve it so I would say this time I am gonna breakup the entire schedule into short term of 3 months or a quarter so even my blog would have a quarterly appraisals now on :)

Keeping the Goals flexible
I had last year not accounted for the changes in my life which would take a lot of priority over the blog. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful in achieving the goals!! So, I am gonna adjust my goals this time over a range so that at least the lesser range would be feasible in any case!!
Taking out Time
Yeah, this is like a huge issue right now for me. So, my major goal has become this that I should have enough to post at least a meaningful paragraph everyday. Of course, I have not done it consistently in the new year either!! But, I am trying.
Enjoying the Blog
Lately, I have realized it has more of become an obsession to post instead of just enjoying the posts!! I am always brain-storming as to what to write today. That is something I want to stop and really sit and enjoy the blog while I write it.
And, treat yourself for every goal you achieve
There is a huge advantage of keeping small goals. I would not have to work my ass off obviously and when they are reached, I can always treat myself and get motivated to reach out for more!! Nothing is more motivating than success itself.
So, what goals you are setting for your blog this year?
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