Banana Peel for Acne {DIY}

I had long back mentioned that banana peel is amazing to get rid of dry skin and dark spots and blemishes but my hubby contributed or lets says attested that banana peel helps with healing acne as well. If you rub the inside part of the peel on the pimples/acne, unless its cystic, it gets healed within a week along with the scar!! So, you might wanna check it out!!
Have you used banana peel on acne?
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  1. Anonymous says

    Can I wash my face b4 using d peel? And wat. Should I use on ma face after washing it off? Should I use soap to wash it off? Thks

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey Swati, My name is Ada, I love all you facepacks!

    Everyday I use a face & body pack made of 1 teaspoon cucumber pulp, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon curd, and 2 teaspoons of besan. This pack is excellent to remove tan and make skin fair. But I have a dry skin and this pack makes my skin even more dry. Can I add 1 teaspoon of almond oil to this mixture in order to avoid the dryness caused by this pack? Please suggest.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi, it’s good to see u patiently answer every quest:-) I’ve a very dull n uneven skin can the banana peel work & can I get a fair complexion? I’ve got the dark circles recently n they appear very dark how do I get rid of them? Reply awaited

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