Just Gossip Vol. 25 – The Year 2013!

So, this was a roller coaster year! It has been quite an eventful year after a very long dull phase in the life and it had started at good note. So, here are a few countdowns on what I did and learned this year! Some random jottings.
  1. I traveled a lot – Guwahati, Kharagpur, Jim Corbett, Singapore, Podgatlapalli (which is a village in AP, even I can not pronounce it).
  2. I got married. Well, obviously!
  3. I wrote a short story which was well-received to whomsoever I passed it :)
  4. I was more positive and optimistic this year. 
  5. I stuck to the exercise regime more stringently this year. 
  6. I am more confident with my flaws. 
  7. I know that compromise happens only when we let it happen. 
  8. Dream on and know what you want and you will get it. 
  9. Patience is very very important. 
  10. I made my own bed for the first time – the double bed!! 
  11. I actually catered to some of the relative guests who came to the house. I had never done that at my house – always left it to the super-mom. 
  12. I have new appreciation for whatever my mom does for the house. 
  13. I have realized it this year that how uncannily I copy my mum’s methods in everything. (This I had realized before marriage only!)
  14. I actually had a bath and not in a bathroom!! Well, yea, the village I am talking did not have bathroom. Yikes, I know! I had to use 2-3 bed sheets to make a make-shift bathroom and took bath, that too head-bath! My cousins did help, of course!
  15. I planned a trip (Singapore) and it was more or less successful so I get to do more of them 😀 Have to see where I am heading next!
  16. Negativity comes far too easily and it is very easy to complain and to resist is a bitch!!
  17. I love jewelery but do not like being told what to wear and what not! Come to that matter, I do not like being told anything by anyone else!!
  18. I am usually a good judge of people but its good to not judge anytime.
  19. I want to read more. 
  20. Confusion is a state of mind I totally hate! Oh yeah, I am perpetually confused.
  21. Your health is very very important. Do not compromise on it or take it for granted even for a single day!
  22. I hate local commute. I love staying close to workplace. 
  23. Regular exercise is very important. 
  24. It is good to explore the wider horizons of life than being curled up in monotony.   
  25. You are not the same person you were when you read point 24. Yes, I mean you are changing every single second of the day. You are not what you were a minute before. You are evolving and it is ok. Do not be afraid of it. Accept it and love it and enjoy it. 
  26. Talk to older people. They can teach you a lot!! Talk to younger people. You will learn a lot. 
  27. Save before you spend. 
  28. Love your body as it is and it will mould to how you want!!
  29. Get a body massage at a good place. It can be a lifetime experience.
  30. Roller-coaster rides were and will never be my cup of tea!! For all those who went to universal studios mummy ride, how was it?? I was parched and I got a crick in the neck and my heart was in my mouth.

And, THE SECRET – Whatever you believe in will come true. Nothing else matters. So, always think good and dream on.   


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