Its Just Life Vol. 2 – One-month already?

How can life be so cruel to me? I have forever thought that being married would be a totally different experience and here I am often forgetting that I am married! When people say your husband, I look at them blankly!!
Going to any party or function feels like I have landed back in time when I used to accompany my parents to a place full of unknown people and I was always so awkward! The only difference is now its minus parents. In fact, my married life feels like a live-in with a friend with parental consent ๐Ÿ˜€
And, here I am with one month already over!! Gosh, how did I even land up here and especially since last 20 days have so trying on me with me being lifted and thrown into some other dimension of the universe. I have to concede here that now I understand why girls should be married off early. Being used to staying alone does complicate the situations further.
Nah, if you are thinking something major unhappy events have occurred, nothing of the sort. Only that I have been thrown in a phase of perpetual confusion where I am totally wandering down in a storm. My friends are all saying that I am thinking too much and I should only enjoy the moment. 
But, I am somehow not able to achieve that euphoria associated with new brides. Its like I am just waiting for something to happen and then I will be happy but happiness never really comes that way!! You have to be happy no matter what and then wait for the better to happen, right?  
Is any of you going through the same phase as mine? Can you relate to my confusions? Any advise would be welcome :)

Hiya, I am back!!
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  1. says

    Pardon me if i sound rude but I think its better to find happiness in what you have now rather than waiting for “something” to happen.

    The change in your life style has not sunk in yet i guess, Giv it sme tym as its not the “transit” period you are living in.

    what you really miss is your independent life style, u cannot get that back now, can you?

    • says

      hey. yup you are right. i am just too used to being independent that the present thing has not yet sunk-in and sometimes it just leaves me totally frustrated and gloomy and then i get totally negative. everybody has just advised me to be patient to give things a bit of time to adjust themselves so that everything will fall into place gradually. and, no worries, it was not rude but very candid of you ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Shoppingaholic Jiya says

    Sorry for being so late in commenting on your posts. Its been almost 1 and a half month since I have become a mother and glad to see my fellow bloggers has started a new phase of her life. Congratulations and God Bless You!! May all confusions turn out to be a surprising box of happiness. It will all be good! Trust me. Loads of love. Jiya
    ( Shoppingaholic)

    • says

      hey Jiya….how are you doing??? OMG, i didn’t know this news! wow, congratualtions!! and, thank you so much for your wishes :) hehe…yup…all my confusions just need time and nothing else!! and, thanks a lot for the assurances :)

  3. says

    I’ve been married for like 8 months now.. and I came totally understand your situation.. it was totally same for me.. and I also agree with you on the statement that girls should be married off early because we tend to develop a sense of independence.. and parting away from the same is so so so difficult.. thank God that you are still working.. I had to leave my job because my husband was given an opportunity to work in US..

  4. says

    Hey Swati, happiness is just a state of mind! Be happy that there is someone to share your confusion, He also must be going through the same phase na? Exchange notes! Things don’t happen. You make things happen!! Marriage is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect partner!! Enjoy each and every moment dear. lots of love.

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