Week 5 Updates {Bridal Files} – Part I

So, week 4 which was after the engagement was pretty quite. I was just busy packing the stuff for Delhi, dating my fiance and sleeping. Nothing much. Things picked up pace again when I landed in Delhi.

OMG, it was such a hectic week and I so hate Delhi after Diwali. The atmosphere was so polluted and it aggravated my dry cough and I am so tired of doing coughing all day long :( Any ideas to get rid of it? Anyways, so we did lehenga hunting and saree shopping in Delhi apart from bit of miscellaneous things!
Saree Shopping
We went to South Ex on Saturday to get some jewellery basically but we ended up entering Rasi Silks which is in the beginning on Part – II. It is basically a Tamil saree store and has a decent variety of stuff. Their silk scarves are just amazing though definitely pricey!
I got a Kanjeevaram in mango yellow and maroon. Mom wanted something traditional. And, a pink saree which has two or three colors so basically it is a shaded saree. Actually, I do not even know the names of the cloth material of the sarees otherwise would have specified it. Another saree is in yellow with green thread work all over and it is very very pretty. The border is just striking.
The ranges of the sarees over there is pretty good. They have decent collection for even 400 bucks so if you need sarees for some people who are not very close and you do not want to spend much, it is a place to check out. They also have kerela saree collection. The ground floor of the shop is worth checking out as well. Also, they have bit of lehenga sarees. This was finally when I came to know what a lehenga saree is!
And, that concludes my shopping for sarees. I still have to go for saree hunting with my in-laws. They had asked me to pick a few and the rest, they will buy with me!
The Lehenga Hunt!!
Ok, hats off to all the brides who actually go for lehenga hunting and designing and spend weeks and months in search of THE ONE! I got bored in just one trip. I had been clamoring to go to Frontier Raas since Day 1. And, finally, I thought I will get my lehenga over there.
Since lehenga is not the main tradition at all, my dad was pretty reluctant and re-usage of the piece is a huge issue so I had decided I would not cross 20k for it. So, when I entered the second floor of Frontier Raas, I was bowled and confused by the excess glitter and thought I am way out of budget here ๐Ÿ˜€
Finally, I searched for some really light lehengas. Most were in crepes or chiffons and my heart went out to the pink and yellow lehenga with belt on top and border at bottom (pink and yellow are different lehengas, not the same). 
But, the awesomest piece was a navy blue lehenga with threadwork all over and with a red and gold border which was extremely light and at the same time looked awesome. It was 50k and my parents were downright no for it ๐Ÿ˜€ Ok, not that I was jumping for it. Later, my dad said it was looking a bit old and not like it was 50k, even though he loved the border. I had to accept that argument, though! So, it was good bye to Raas then.
Rest of the lehenga story would continue tomorrow :) Hope you are eager for the story!
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  1. Coral crue says

    good write up. I am in agreement with your parents. If it looks old it certainly can’t cost 50k. I am not one to spend so much on clothes unless it’s going to last me a life time and I am going to wear it a million odd times. have seen sarees that are expensive but last barely ten years before starting to rips in all kinds of places. it’s very sad that way when hard earned money goes to waste. investing in pieces of jewellery would still be worth it

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