Is love supposed to happen in a moment?

Well, as you all know I have been hitched very recently. Its not like I have never really dreamed of what it will be to love or get married but being pragmatic, I do not really believe in the clichéd concept of love at first sight. But, I do like the sound of it 😀 specially in Yash Chopra movies.
Anyways, coming back, I usually keep teasing my fiancé how he should cherish me and appreciate and respect me instead of thinking of dominating me and all blah blah things girls do. Well, I do have to thank my really amazing in-laws who have drilled into him the importance of a wife and how she should be taken care of!
Ours is a typical arranged marriage which is depicted in the Platinum love bands ads with a minimum time frame to say yes. Anyways, what I was going to talk about is something quite different. This happened just yesterday. I got a really sweet message on whatsapp which is as follows:
I look around and wonder why do people look at a married woman differently? She might look better dressed, maybe wearing an ornament or two, that mark her married. But she’s still a girl at heart, sindoor and bindi don’t make her a woman. She may be still learning how to run a home, she still might be struggling taking care of not just herself but two and more people, she might not always like to hear ‘what does your husband do’… Marriage doesn’t suddenly turn a girl into a woman. For that matter having kids doesn’t necessarily do the same either. Celebrate who she really is, celebrate the child in her, she may be anyone around you, ur friend, ur sister, ur mother, a total stranger. She’s not supposed to be responsible for innumerous things, countless chores, it’s just her desire for perfection that she does what she does. This is for every wonderful woman I know. Grow up… but take your own sweet time & let the li’l girl in you live forever. And for all my male friends… cherish her, spoil her and most importantly let her be… She wasn’t born to take care of you, it’s her heart that makes her do so.

And, me being me, promptly forwarded it to my fiance to check it out and learn from it 😀 And, this is what he replies back. Since I want to end the post with his lovely message, let me end the story here. After reading it, I immediately call him up asking him “where did you copy it from?” He was like “OMG, this girl! I wrote it spontaneously after reading yours.” So, for now in our short relationship, this is my platinum moment of love. The reply is a little haphazard being spontaneous so needs time to sink in properly.  
I always wonder why people take it for granted every man has got to or try to show upper hand…Real meaning of marriage is not just meant a complete transformation of one another or getting a promotion.Its equally the same feeling for a guy just like a girl feels..marriage is all about understanding ones own self and be like 2 minds in setting a boat to smooth sail..Even guy has to loose many things..he develops additional qualities of being possessive, in every walk he takes…thinks of other persons without him… his life is complete…See regarding the point of doing chores and taking care of u…marriage will get ultimate essence of living…when a kid is born it does not mean she has to bear him or do all his chores….it’s the ultimate feeling for a women that cant be described nor can be measured…So god has set up the knot called marriage solely being..for doing any thing hard mind us required…but doing at right time…patience is required to enjoy the fruit of success..likewise patience symbolizes woman and hard mind symbolizes man..unless they both combine…success will not be the fruit..In short it’s not about adjustment or single heart…its about 2 souls sharing everything…(censored :D)

Also, I would like to share with you a very beautiful article on marriage. Do check it out!! And, this post is my entry for Indiblogger Platinum Day of Love Contest.


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