My sojourn at Four Fountain Spa, South Ex

four fountain spa reception south ex branch delhi
this is the entrance view of the spa and the reception is on the side from where the snap was taken

Hola Ladies! So, I am back to Hyderabad and being at my office desk and reading the bridal skin care posts has filled me with energy for blogging again. I tell you there is something in Vastu and Feng Shui. Places do provide energies. Anyways, let me go to last Saturday and share a spa experience for which I was invited.
I knew Delhi would be hectic so I thought it would be best if I could start with a Swedish massage. And, I landed in the Four Fountain Spa in South ex just above Rabhya near Costa Coffee/Meena Bazar in Part – II. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the office space. I have only one spa experience earlier and I have not had a full body massage ever before this so I really have a clean slate but I always imagined spas to be huge sprawling complexes. 
But, I do understand the logistics and being in the prime location of South Delhi, getting that much space itself is pretty expensive. So, let me move on. I was greeted at the reception by a friendly lady (I am sorry I have become bad with names) who explained me all the various services they would offer. I finally chose the Swedish massage with wintergreen oil, it said. 

four fountain spa room south ex branch delhi
this is the room where I was pampered

I think the oil had ylang ylang and Eucalyptus or peppermint essential oils. I smelt a whiff of them. But, I am running ahead. So, once I chose the service, I was taken to a small room with a table to lie down. The disposables were there and I was told to change. There is a locker where you can keep the belongings.
Since I took the body massage, they said they do not cover face. I was a bit adamant on getting something done for the face and since I could not go for a facial, Ruthi (one who attended me) suggested a face mask so yes you can also mix and match and ask them whatever you want. I am pretty sure they would cater to the demands of the customers.
And, then, the rigor of massage began. It was really good but I have an issue personally. I am extremely ticklish and since I have never had such services, I can really never relax. If you are like me, its better you never go to such services. Seriously, coz you can not enjoy them and its not their fault!! 
The massage started with head and lasted for an hour and half and in between I did doze off lightly ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, that is what massages are for, right? Once the massage was done, I asked for steam room. They took me into the attached washroom. 
I have to say the washroom was extremely disappointing. Its smaller than a cupboard and you barely have place to turn. Added to that, you do not have a place to keep your utilities like face wash and such. They have body wash and hair wash but I prefer using mine. But, since there was no place, I used theirs. Having a shower over there was not something I will ever look forward to so that is a snag. I mentioned this to them during the feedback.
Otherwise, everything else was fine. They do provide hair dryer on request. And, they gave me some coupons and discounts on subsequent visit. Too bad I can not pass it on to someone else since I won’t be in Delhi or anywhere else they have their branches till the voucher expires. And, they gave me a sleep balm as well which I am planning to use once I head to vizag for the final phase of my bachelor life next week ๐Ÿ˜€ All in all, definitely check it out!!
Have you tried the Four Fountain Spa yet?


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