What are you upto?

Well, my life is currently all crazy and I do not feel like working and I am hardly getting time to open my laptop. Guess I should have a little free time on Sunday when mum leaves. But, till then, I will mostly be absent! And, btw, any idea about good shopping places for silk saree shopping in Hyderabad and good jewelery shops as well? In the mean time, why do not you share what are you upto?


  1. Anonymous says

    hi swati…
    hey relax …enjoy the process.u are the center of attraction .everybody will try to tease u upto ur wedding from office,home,friends.so chill sis.
    I forgot …..try jewellary shopping from kalyan jewellers .apne amitabh bachan ji hai brand ambassador….just kidding.just suggestion…
    take care

  2. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati

    Congratulations for getting married and starting a new journey of life. I suggest you always use Chanel products and Estée Lauder. go to switzerland for honeymoon and best place to do shopping in paris, this is the best advise


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