Week 3 Updates {Bridal Files}

Huh…wedding is so difficult to arrange! I can only imagine how dad and mom are struggling to make all ends meet. I am tired with only a half week of running around and they have been doing the same since navratre started and will be doing it for the next two months! Gosh, its so difficult to be a parent ๐Ÿ˜€
I had a girl’s day out in Inorbit on Sunday and we spent almost half a day in just searching for nail paints and trying out the shades! Girls…huh. I finished all the miscellaneous shopping and ordered for the foundation, eye liner and mascara. Oh btw, I also got the FE gold serum. I have no idea whether it is worth it or not but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
I went for shopping for the engagement rings, shoe shopping and saree shopping. All of them are stories in themselves but when told in brief, i got 3 pairs of golden sandals with bit of heels, probably 2 inch. Oh yeah, my balance is badddd!!

OMG…its so difficult to get a good saree. The only reason I had to go for saree shopping was because my in laws have to gift me a saree during the engagement ceremony and they asked me to buy whatever I want. Finally, I got a uppad saree (I do not know if it makes any sense but its one of the silk saree variety which is a rage now I suppose) in some color which is a variation of pink and red, may be dark mauve.
Also, the engagement rings have to be solely gold so neither have I found a ring which I love nor I got my size (I have very tiny fingers!). Sigh!
Invitation Cards
Finally, we found the telugu font printer somewhere in Munirka in Delhi. That being done, mom packed baskets with dry fruits and chocolates and biscuits. Ok, before you wonder why the hell am I talking about this, the tradition in South is a bit different. Though sweets with invitation cards is a given now in North, the tradition has not as of yet reached here. So, if you are a southie reading this, hope this is something different!
Blouses Stitching
I have to thank my stars and my bhabhi (SIL) for handing over such an amazing tailor. This lady comes to the house, takes the measurements, takes the clothes and things you want to get stitched (sometimes sarees as well) and goes and stitches and brings back for trying out to your house. Yes, everything available at your door step.
And, no issues with delay in stitch and such things or bad alterations either!! And, she does everything in one go – be it petticoats or fall stitching for sarees or getting the raw material for blouses. And, at reasonable prices too! So, yup, this is one lady I would recommend. Reach out to me for her contact number. Also, I do not have idea how well she does designer blouse stuff coz mine are all simple and she has done them really well.
Raw Material Shopping for Sarees
If you are of the kind who loves to mix and match the blouses with the sarees and love to explore, there is a shop called Indian Emporium in Panjagutta or Begumpet area right beside the famous Pulla Reddy sweet shop. Its THE place where you will get everything for a saree though I am not sure of the patch works and all. I mean only blouses of all colors and materials (crepe, tissue, georgette, raw silk and bla bla) and all kinds of petticoats as well.
I got my back and hands bleached but honestly I can not find any difference. And, I got pedicure and manicure for the first time. It was fine but now that its a day or two old, my hands and feet are back to normal ๐Ÿ˜ And, lets see how much radiance does gold facial provide? 
These are the updates for now. By this Sunday, I shall be officially engaged! Don’t know whether to be happy or sad ๐Ÿ˜€ Ciao in the next week with new updates :)
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  1. Deeba PAB says

    Good luck to you. Such exciting times. You cannot imagine how under the rock I was when I got married 19 years ago!! Your radiance shall outshine the gold!!

  2. Coral crue says

    lots of shopping, enjoyed reading about your wedding shopping post. your date is getting closer isn’t it. hope you find a pretty ring for yourself. good luck :)

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