Week 2 Updates {Bridal Files}

I have to say that the week went by in a jiffy! And, I have hardly done anything.
Oh btw, I got the first facial of my life. It was pearl from Shahnaz. Though, honestly, I am not sure if it really does anything for the skin. It feels more like a pampering than some actual result being obtained. I feel a complete body treatment would instead be better, donno though!
On a second thought, my skin was apparently glowing right after the facial and the day after as well as opposed to a supposed glow two days later. And, even now my skin is looking really good is what my friends say. Next time I am gonna try a black mask facial. 
And, instead of getting the regular hair spa, I went for the scalp massage which I absolutely loved. And, I am also thinking of a body spa before the engagement day! Lets see what I would do.


I am one lazy bride! I have not yet bothered to set foot even in the nearby market and get the regular things for toilet kits. I have decided to have 3 toilet kits at hand which include everything necessary from skin care and oral care to medicines – one for hotel before and for wedding, one after bidai when i go to in-laws place and one for honeymoon trip.
I have done some of the shopping online so that did save me a bit of trouble. And, I have segregated items which I can obtain online without much of a fuss and other things I have created yet another list and probably would wrap it up by today or tomorrow.
Ok, I have to say that I have my mom to thank to get this headache off me. Since we have to wear only sarees, that is half of the trouble gone. Otherwise shopping for a lehenga and everything is a big deal. And, I have few sarees already in my stash so I am gonna wear a violet for the engagement. Of course the blouse stitching is still left. 
Invitation Cards
Since not much of a time is left, my parents had bought the invitation cards (empty ones) from Sadar Bazar in Delhi. Well, apparently, its economical as well. And, then they found printers who have telugu lipi coz my wedding card would have telugu and english. It was a damn big headache to find a telugu card printer in Delhi, though!!
Pre and Post-wedding events
Ok, this was a huge headache. We did not know the dates and the muhurat for any of the events except the engagement and wedding. Well, yes, we do have certain other functions for which auspicious times are specified. 
One of them is called “Pellikuturu” which is basically a pre-bridal practice session in which the bride gets dressed up a day or two before the wedding and she is showered blessings by everyone. Same thing happens with the groom. 
And, I wouldn’t even talk about post-wedding things because things are so uncertain and chaotic that I am yet at a loss as to when to take leaves ๐Ÿ˜ There is grihapravesh (house warming when the bride enters the in-laws house) and then pagphere (bride goes back to her house first time after marriage after the house warming) and the reception from the in-laws. 
Ok, a trivia for you all. I died of laughter when I came to know of this ๐Ÿ˜€ Did you know that the pandits specify a muhurat for the first night as well ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Gosh, how embarrassing is that!!
Honeymoon Planning
And, then comes this huge factor. Well, I have changed the honeymoon destinations over 5-6 times by now and we are yet not fixed on any. I have no idea where we are gonna go but tentatives are Dubai or Hongkong. Well, Dubai is where we both haven’t gone and Hongkong has Disneyland!! What do you say?
Those were the updates for now. Things will pick up heat by next week so a lot of updates gonna come next time!! 
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    • says

      yeah…m more of a mountain girl even though i am from a coastal area. donno if its the humidity or what!
      and btw thanks a lot for the maybelline reco…m surely gonna get it and m trying to decide if investing on the absolut is absolutely essential or not!!! and now m confused between the shades for maybelline dream liquid foundation. the SA told me nude will suit or even nude light and i asked her specifically that it would not leave a white cast in the snaps no then she was like no. i donno which to get now. will take a friend along.

  1. says

    Ya, muhurat for the first night..embarrasing:P..
    Dubai is good ..for shopping and the sights..you can try the desert safari, drive upto Khorfakan..go all the way to the top of Burj khalifa..go on a boat cruise..

  2. Revathy Hnb says

    i thot u r tamil swati… gotta know today tat u r a telugu beauty :)

    i wud say hongkong… plan ur second honeymoon to dubai in feb-march time.. since tat’s the time for dubai shopping festival :p

    • says

      hehe….shru…yeah i changed the destination right away and found out that this time the festival is starting on 2nd jan. will probably plan in last week of jan for dubai. and of course i will up update you :)

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