Week 1 Updates {Bridal Files}

So, the countdown has already begun. Its like around 6 weeks to the wedding so I thought I would do a weekly update post. Hell lot of things to do and run about but my history is even worse. I am person to whom the choice of clothes or beauty treatments does not really come on its own. Yeah, the irony seeing that I run an almost beauty blog ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyways so let me just put down what all happened in the first week.
And, btw, since it is the shradh time, we have not yet started shopping. All that would probably take place in the second and third week of October and the rest remaining would be in November. The jewelery and some of the sarees are ready so I have to just get the blouses stitched. So, what all I have started is facials and a bit of others.
Body Treatments
I did ask for the bridal package but it had a lot of things which I was not interested in and I do like to keep a choice in getting different treatments from different places so I declined to take that. My choice of treatments is pretty limited. And, since I have only 3 weeks to the engagement, I do have to cram in a lot of things right now!

So, last Sunday, I got a cleanup for the first time in my life. Earlier, my trysts with parlors used to end with waxing and this all is kinda baffling. When I got the cleanup for the first time, I was literally hoping my face to glow like some one has placed a bulb under it. But, of course, nothing close happened. Btw, they have all kinds of cleanups (not facials) – gold, pearl, diamond??? Seriously? Its damn confusing for first timers!
My advise if you are a first timer – take the basic one and see how the services are and how it reacts on your skin. Also, get things planned quite in advance so that you have time to gauge the reactions on your skin and treat it accordingly. Don’t land up in the parlor at the nick of time and get a treatment for the first time in your life. I got the Shahnaz treatment which hardly lasted for 15 minutes. I felt it was a waste of money but everyone is saying that face cleanups only show difference when you get them done in regular intervals.
Anyways, since I have to get a facial trial way before my wedding, I am planning to get the facial this weekend so that there is 15 days of time minimum in between two of them, the second being right before engagement. Aah…also I got facial threading done and my face is looking so clean now ๐Ÿ˜€ And, I got my eyebrows also done, finally!! Nah, I really did not find any change in my face. Its just like it was ๐Ÿ˜
Hair Treatment
I got a hair deep conditioning treatment with L’Oreal mythic range but honestly I did not like it so I am thinking of going to the nearby spa for hair and scalp massages. I am hoping that it would turn out well. Fingers crossed!
Weight Loss
Huh…this is the most difficult part. I am trying to skip almost everyday but of course you are tired or its too late or something or other excuse is always there. So, I am finding out what can I do.
I was thinking of swimming but chlorine is something I am not willing to risk right now and I do feel kinda lazy to go and swim as well. So, probably I will stick to skipping for now and get a yoga mat for regular surya namaskars.
So, since it is shradh time, I can really not do any major shopping but mom said you can start with buying everyday things. I wanted to go to the market but of course it being me, I lazed around all day on 2nd October. But, I do have a tentative list of things I need.
I have also zeroed down on what foundation I would be buying. The shade is something I will go and check and then decide. I need a good eye liner and mascara which will stay long and have good pigmentation and also does not smudge. Can you suggest me some? Some of my friends were suggesting Maybelline. I am guessing the Colossal range.
Do drop in suggestions on mascara and eyeliner! And, will bring the week 2 updates soon enough. 
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  1. says

    Surya namaskar would work really well if you’re trying to shed off some weight or tone up a few weeks before the D-day ๐Ÿ˜› .. I remember starting it one very fine day & feeling the changes & seeing a more toned body in a 2-week period. I’d started with 12 per day (I was used to its intensity. You may start by doing 6 too & take it up gradually) and now do 24. They say 24 surya namaskar asanas equal 500 push ups! But it’s nore of an overall body exercise & takes in every bone & muscle to work. So great there.
    Try practicing portion-control alongwith it. It will definitely help.

    • says

      ooohh…wow, Ishy. thanks a lot for pushing me. i was thinking of surya namaskars but i am too lazy for it but will definitely start now on. guess what is bothering me now??? i dont have the yoga mat ๐Ÿ˜ gotta do something about these things seriously. yup 50 per day does really tone up a lot and especially when its done pretty quickly!

  2. says

    Try L’oréal Volume Million Lashes. Ot is one amazing mascara. Do give it try. It maybe priced higher than regular Maybelline, but lasts longer & gives clump-free volume & gives the luscious lash look.
    Try gel liners if it is easy to work with. Maybelline has a good one too. Even the Hyperglossy liquid liner range is great or the pen liner (if available). Try L’oreal range of pen liners..the super liner or more. They are easier to work with.

    • says

      oooh ya. guess i will take this mascara only coz everyone is advising it :) thanks again!! hmmm…will check out the loreal eye liners then. do you think pen liners are better or gel???

    • says

      Gel liners require a little practice. If you have time and patience, go ahead. I’d pick the pen ones anyday. We are already so used to the whole concept.

    • says

      i tried maybelline hypersharp on bhumika’s reco and its perfect. will go for that :) yup you are right gel liners do need a bit of practice and honestly i am not really good at that!!!

  3. says

    Ya L’oreal Volume Million is good as suggested..but if you not going to use it much and dont want to spend that much on a mascara..maybelline colossal volume is good..I like Deborah Milano Hi tech too..the brush is amazing..Eye liner I would say Maybelline Hypersharp..eye kohl or eye pencil..try Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate..

    • says

      oh thanks Bhumi…will see if the L’Oreal one feels preposterously expensive then i will stick with Maybelline. i like mascaras so might even go for it. will check out the eye pencils you suggested. thanks a lot :)

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