Are you a specy bride? {Bridal Files}

So, yup, I wanted to do this post for like ages! I am a specy bride so I wanted to list down certain things which you should take care of!
Well, I have never been one for LASIK so I would say run for the store and grab a pair of contact lenses as soon as possible. Pretty obvious, you would think? Yah, that is true.
Now, let us come down to some pertinent points. I do not know how your doc or your optician prescribes contacts for you but they actually have a cheat sheet which has a list of spectacle power and the corresponding contact lens power. Check that cheat sheet and then get your contacts.
Actually, since your contacts are right on your eyes without any distance as opposed to the distance between eyes and lens while using specs, the power decreases by almost 1 point minimum so you should not use the same power for both lens and spectacles.

If you are thinking of LASIK, get it done at least three months before the wedding and make sure your eyes get a lot of rest. Strain is not good for the health of the eyes.
Shape of the Eyes
Ok, some people have naturally very deep sitting eyes and some people get that with constant use of specs. For those who have deep seated eyes due to the specs usage, the situation can be remedied if you use the contacts. So, try using the contacts for quite a good amount of time before the D-day or may be start using them now!!
Shape of the skin around the nose
If you have noticed, the skin around the nose and the cheekbones start drooping if you are a regular user of spectacles. Skin is used to taking the shape just like water so following the shape of the spectacles, it readjusts itself. The drooping shape of the spectacles and the deep-seated eyes gives away the fact that you are used to wearing specs. To get rid of that, start using contacts as regularly as you can.
What contacts to buy?
Well, we have daily disposables and fortnight disposables apart from the monthly ones and I donno if the yearly ones are still in production or not. Anyways, my advice would be to go for the fortnight ones. The reason being they are more reasonable than the daily disposable ones and you replace them regularly enough that your eyes can avoid infection.
And, once you get the fortnight trial lenses, you can actually understand how well-adapted your eyes would be to the contacts in the long run. And, accordingly, you can use the contacts and the spectacles. Daily disposables are only preferable when you do not want the lens maintenance headaches.
Bausch and Lomb and Johnson’s Acuvue both are pretty good with 14-15 hours usage for both daily and fortnightly disposable lenses. And, I would also like to state that keep the usage of laptops, desktops and any communication devices while using contacts to a minimum as they dry out the eyes pretty quickly.
Use eye drops for sure while using lenses. Dry eyes can catch infections pretty quickly so you have to be really careful when using the lenses. I would suggest to use lenses in fact when you are going out and yes do avoid them if you are driving bikes. They can fly away in the wind 😀 Ok, the keyword being CAN.
Dark Circles
Yes, spectacles can actually cause dark circles so treat them! Use almond oil or vit. E oil at night as under-eye treatment and keep the area moist and get good sleep. It is very important when you are shifting to contact lenses.
I know all these points above are pretty much common sense and they are very much prevalent but the thing is most people tend to ignore them and hence the infections due to contact lenses. Be aware of how to treat your eyes and they are good to go :) And, enjoy your D-day in contacts.
So, specy brides, do you have a point to add here? Ok, there is a small part two to this post which I would come back with sometime later!
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