Suggestions Please – Serum or night moisturizer for radiant skin!

So, I am trying to improve my skin condition and I have been thinking that some pampering is due so I was hoping you could all gimme suggestion for some night moisturizer or serum or any product which does not have sunscreen or makeup base and which can be applied anytime. 
I want something which can make the skin radiant and glowing and keep it that way for long! I did think of Vitamin C capsules from TBS but I am not really sure if I this is a good time to try them out the word on that product is quite mixed. Any high-brand product which is easily available in India would also be appreciated.
Do you think Ponds Gold Radiance would be good? I do not know if it is still in the market. I guess they have discontinued the range. I also had Forest Essentials gold youth serum or something in my mind. Anyways, since I have already given a lot of options, I am waiting for your inputs :)


  1. Healing Shea says

    I have used Vitamin C capsules from Body Shop.I don’t find it particularly amazing. Do give try with pure ascorbic powder mixed with serum of your choice. It works magic.

  2. says

    At present experimenting with anything new is not a good idea. But, still as requested I would like to mention the following:

    and about FE, some of their products do contain nasties. so contact them and cross check about their ingredients all right.

    just thought this would come in handy ๐Ÿ˜›

    • says

      hey Megha,.i already have olay night cream. its the one in gray color with black lid. its good but m saving it for the honeymoon trip or something when i wont be doing any heavy duty thing to my skin but for now i was hoping for some serious tlc ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Anonymous says

    You should try virgin coconut oil. Not Parachute though. It’s worked wonders for me. I don’t break out anymore and I even get complimented on how good my skin looks. I would use just a little bit at night and it’s not too greasy. Also aloe vera gel or avocado oil works great.

    • says

      hey…thanks for such a simple tip. guess i should start that only ๐Ÿ˜€ i do have virgin coconut oil or probably extra virgin and it is cold pressed as well!! will try it from tonight. didn’t try avocado but yes i do use aloevera gel, not the plant one but another gel which is amazing but i did not see any specific glow or something. it just hydrates my skin.

  4. Anonymous says

    You could simply go.for milk cream to moisturise as it won’t have any side effects and would make it fair as well for sure..just leave it overnight n wash off in the morning..but just take a tinge of it

  5. Piyali says

    I am using richfeel advanced night repair serum….so I just wanted to asked can I use that by mixing with olive oil….

    • says

      hi Piyali. I have no idea about how this serum is so I can not advise you. what I would instead suggest is to use the product alone and make sure it works for you.

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