My Hair Diary – September 2013

So, this month also I did not really concentrate on my hair. I got a hair cut in August and now I am just trying to prevent the split ends. I did not even oil my hair religiously. Its more of a washing your hair routine after coming from the office.

I hate sleeping with oil on my hair coz it stains the pillows and everything badly. And, most of the time, I wash my hair on the weekdays so there was no time for pampering. Also, I tried to use a shampoo which was totally not suiting me. Its not worth talking about so lets skip it but it did give me hair fall while I used it.
So, once I stopped using it, my hair was back to normal. So, if you are looking to change your shampoo be very very sure. Also, I have ordered Organic Surge shampoo back again as it had suited me so well. And, I am loving the conditioner as well. I can suggest it but I am not gonna review it anytime soon.
Yes, one treatment which I gave my hair in this last month was regularly using aloevera gel on the scalp and the body of the hair instead of using any oil. Why? Well, one is for a change and second, I think the oil was weighing my hair down the next day.
But, I would absolutely suggest this aloevera gel treatment. It gives such a beautiful definition to your curls and following with a drop of oil leaves your hair bouncy and next day the hair does not even end up weighed down. And, the hair is sooooooooo soft to touch.
What products I used?
  • Conditioner – Kamini Conditioner + Organic Surge Color Protect Conditioner
  • Hair Oil – Vaadi Herbals Amla Oil
So, how is your hair doing now? 
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