Maybelline Newyork Instant Age Rewind {Product Review}

Maybelline Newyork Instant Age Rewind Product Review

This product was sent to me as a gift by Tine with some other things and this is something which I have been using ever since and I totally love it. I did try to explore if I can find the same range in India but I am not sure if it has hit the Indian shelves yet! 
Ok, I do not really know how to use the product and I do not know if this is supposed to be only for dark circles or can be used as a concealer as well. But, I try to use it as a primer underneath my sunscreen. Not only does this make my skin perfect for any product to go on but it also evens out the skin tone. 

gives a smooth matte finish
build-able coverage
gives a blemish-free smooth skin
keeps skin glowing all day long
keeps the makeup and sunscreen fresh 
blends easily enough

The finish of the product is matte and it can be drying for people with dry skin so moisturization is highly recommended before trying this out. But, otherwise, the skin looks smooth and blemish-free. The coverage is build-able and does not give a painted look to the face.
Maybelline Newyork Instant Age Rewind Product Review
snaps look bit washed out coz i had taken them at night otherwise the tint of the product is light but it does get blended into the skin pretty easily and goes invisible except for a subtle highlight

If you follow with a foundation or tinted moisturizer or BB cream, it stays longer and does not make the skin patchy at all. In fact, the product keeps the skin glowing and luminous all day long. In my case, I do not even need a touch up (though I don’t really do it!). 

can be very drying for dry skin
can settle down into lines and creases 
can get patchy if the skin is not healthy

Ok, one word about the packaging. It comes in a twist-up tube and one twist gives you enough product for complete neck, face and décolletage. The top of the twist comes with a sponge through which the product gets distributed on the skin but I do not like it at all because the sponge tends to soak up a lot of product. Instead it should probably have been a pump coz you can not use the sponge to apply the product either!

So, if you find the product any where, do check out the range. And, do not judge me that I am using a dark circle remover as a primer. Its just absolutely amazing and I do not really need dark circle removers so I had to find another use for it. Apparently the foundation of this range is also awesome!!
Have you used the product? Any idea if the range is available in India? Do you like it?

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