Do you think it is safe to use a bleach? {Your Opinion}

Hey Everyone! So, I wanted to tell you I have been a lot busy for the past two weeks, I have not been checking my mails or reading any comments except for few posts!! I am really sorry for that but trust me today was a really longgg day and even yesterday and guess tomorrow as well!!
And, mom is gonna come day after after which we have to literally run for everything! Also, mom got a new red sari so I guess I am shifting my engagement sari to red now ๐Ÿ˜€ And, then I thought that a mix of golden and subtle red hint eye shadows would look gorgeous for the day with red lipstick…what do you say? Ok, I am really bad at it so don’t judge please!
Anyways, I will be bugging you with all this for next two weeks so let me come back to the topic I was supposed to write about. In fact, its not me writing but asking you all – Have you tried any bleach on your face or arms? Is it really safe? Till date I have never used bleach and I am really scared of it!

In fact why this topic came into my mind was that few days back I was just browsing around and then I hit on the fem gold bleach review which had phenomenal before and after snaps! I was like shocked and so tempted to use it off. But, then, I controlled myself and thought I would first know the opinions of you all.
So, do you really think bleaching is a good option? Or, should I stay away from it in the nick of time?
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    Hey swati…fristly very very congratulations for ur wedding…really happy to hear abt ths…I doutd whn all of a sudden u postd on bridal files…n in a day or two thr was ur post abt ur weddin :)

    N nw abt the bleach…its really safe ro use bleach bt if u r goin to try ths for the frst tym thn as per the occassion I wld suggest u instead of bleaching at home you shld gt it done at sum parlour bcz since its ur frst tym u wil nt the idea abt the amt of activator…
    N instead of fem go for natures gold bleach…its really really awsum…u wil srsly luv the results…I hav been usin it since last 3 yrs…n its natures nt naturance…naturance is nt tht gud…
    N u shld gt ur arms also bleachd bcz it wil remove the tan..cover undergrown hair n gv ur clean glowy luk..
    N if u hav sensitive skin apply a thin layer of any wil avoid any pimples tht appear aftr bleach sumtimes

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      Nahi nahi…go for face also…its ur wedding yaar..n I guess u dnt want even those baby hairs on ur face bcz evn makeup won’t cover thm…n its ok if the parlour grl nt tellin u the brand she is using…bcz once a parlour grl tld m tht thy use different type of bleach tht r used in parlours only..n dnt wry at all bleaching is really safe n u will luv the results..

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      hey Suhani….thanks a lot :) hmmm….so i should ask the parlor girl to gimme nature’s bleach?? there is a big problem here. the parlor girl does not tell me which brand is she using which is quite irritating honestly. il definitely try out and first get the product and then ask her to do it!!! great thanks for all the tips :) i will definitely follow them!
      btw, so, you do not advise it on the face???

  2. Anonymous says

    hi swati…
    oh god…ur schedule is really busy.afterall its a wedding sis.but don’t worry everything will be fine.I like ur mom selection about sari.but sorry don’t know abt bleaching .
    take care
    best regards

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    Swati, get a patch test one first. You know, just in case. Don not skip on it. And yes, that is how bleaches work. Great Before/After pics. ๐Ÿ˜›
    I agree with Suhani, above. Don’t do it yourself. Getting the amount of activator or the ingredients is what wreaks havoc & all those complains that one generally reads on “bleach” topics. And do pick a bleach fit for your skin type. That, too, is important.

    And I, too would suggest getting your arms & feet bleached. You would definitely be pleased. Should you face any irritation, get rid of it immediately. 

    And why don’t you try a Gold-Eyes-Red-Lips for the engagement. The gold looks very festive, and the red complements the subtle gold well, too. Since it is the engagement & not the D-Day itself. ๐Ÿ˜› 
    Or a Bronzed-Gold Eye with Red Lips. It will add the subtle smokey look to the eye makeup. Go easy on the blush in both the cases, and focus on highlight/contour. Also, don’t go for the heavily yellow-toned reds that look quite tacky. Choose the red carefully, though.

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      Ishy is ryt…do a patch the cream thng tht I tld u wil nt let any pimple or anythng aftr bleach in case u find bleach irritating on ur skin…
      Gt ur arms done a day before mehendi..evn its writtn on packagin of many bleaches nt to apply anithng on bleachd skin for atleast 24 hrs..although 2-3 hrs gap is enough bt since u r doin it for the frst tym its gud to tk sum precautions

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      hey Ishy
      hehe….i will see how to get it done :) proably will ask the parlor girl i am calling only for mehendi and other things. or do you think i should use it some days before so that i can see if it has any reactions on the skin or anything????

      yup i was also thinking of gold and red with hint of red eye shadow. yest i saw a very beautiful red shade in faces which i think would match the saree perfectly. though i have yet to decide but i think i will go with red. hmmm…will pick red carefully then. thanks for the tips :)

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