Blogging Series Vol. 14 – Why do you love blogging?

Sometimes when you are feeling low or are disappointed or are just thinking of giving it up due to sheer dejection, it is always good to reevaluate your thinking and reasons for blogging. So, this is to all bloggers – why do you blog? And, to all readers – what is the most important thing you look in a blog? So, coming back to the question for bloggers, I should start answering them. 

Why the need for such a question?
Ok, so why suddenly I got all emotional about blogging. Because, the pageviews have gradually fallen quite low lately and it has disappointed me a lot :( Also, these days I am falling back on replying to comments and checking mails pretty frequently which makes me all the more sad.
What do I like about blogging?
Ok, so this my secret place no one in my real life knows about so I can write whatever I want and complain about whomsoever I want without being bothered by the thought that some one might make an association or take offense. Trust me, its a relief to have a secret life of your own.
What are my materialistic goals in blogging?
Love the products…keep them coming! Yes, who does not love freebies, especially if you fall in love with them forever. Second, the money! I so love the fact that my passion helps my bank balance. 
What are my more philosophical pursuits?
First, I do try my level best to answer all the queries and help everyone who seeks advises from me. But, I have to say here that its not necessary that home remedies or products which suit me will suit everyone. Its more of a hit and trial. 
Second, since I have started blogging, I have recognized I actually like writing. And, it makes me more confident that even if I stop working, I will always be independent. That is something very important for a person like me!!
Whats my future plan?
I like to keep things diversified and holistic because healthy living is all about everything. So, I want to spend more time and energy on one of the recently started series – Its Just Life. That was something which I have always wanted to do and of course I do have some projects which will come to fruition depending on other events in life so I am just waiting for that!!
What about all you lovely bloggers? Do drop in why do YOU love blogging? What makes it tick for you? 
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  1. says

    I love blogging because it helps me organize my thoughts and remember things better. I’ve got a really bad memory. It also gives me an outlet. I’ve got a very stressful job and I work long hours and blogging is that small window period where I can talk about something light and ‘fun’. :)

    Ironically, I don’t like the free products. It’s because I don’t have enough time to use, test and blog about them. I end up having lots of unused products in my room.

    Recently, my traffic also had a gradual drop which demotivated me for a while. But I’m picking myself up. Anyway, traffic just a number. The most important thing is that we continue loving what we do, Swati. :)

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