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Have you ever wondered what causes the headaches. I have had headaches since 1998 as far as I can remember and it is definitely never a great experience. Instead, I feel like my head will come out of the skull. I have always wondered what causes headache. The reason which I knew was less blood supply to the parts of the head. Yes.

If you are suffering from any kind of headache without having any ailment like cold, sinus, any kind of flu or fever or any other medical problem like tumor, it is just because you have less blood supply in your scalp and its nerves. The blood vessels are constricted and reduce the flow. This starts right from the neck blood vessels.

Time for reality check. I would like to share some issues regarding headaches which probably many of you are not aware of. At least, I came to know of them today itself. Coffee and sweets are two things which can cause or increase the intensity of headaches. This is because of the caffeine content in the coffee and chocolates. Caffeine decreases the blood supply to the head by constricting the blood vessels.

And, the other sweets increase the blood sugar level which in turn also decreases the blood supply by constricting the blood vessels. Other foods which might trigger headaches are processed food, foods high in sugar, cheese, food additives, alcohol, carbonated beverages, red wine, Chinese food and even citrus fruits and bananas.

You can also be sensitive to other things which you include in your diet so keep an eye open. There are many other factors too which cause headaches like stress, lack of sleep, bright lights, weather changes, loud noises and strong odors. Wearing a hair style which pulls your hair tightly or tying a hair band too tightly can also trigger headaches. It is best to leave your hair free in that case or use a clip to just catch hold of your hair.

Mensuration cycles is again one of the common reasons for headache in women. Eye sight is also a very big catalyst in headaches. Excess exposure to sun is also a cause for headaches.

The lesson to be taken from all this is that you should be conscious of what you are eating and doing so that you can trace the reason of your headaches. Anything can trigger a headache within an hour of its consumption so keeping a little check on eating patterns can help you discern the reason and get rid of headaches easily.

If you would not do so, these headaches may easily develop into migraines. I am sure many of you would really not be aware that you are suffering from migraines. One of the most common symptoms of migraines is a nauseating feeling accompanies by vomiting. Some headaches are so severe that they get resolved only after vomiting.

If you are sensitive to bright lights or noises or odors, you should seek help from a doctor and clearly outline your case of headaches. Sometimes, doctors might also just ignore your complain of headaches saying it is normal or it is due to eyesight (if you have one). Be prepared for this. If you have such experience, try to find patterns on your own.

Chances are that you yourself would be able to figure out the cause of your headaches. Sometimes, it is as simple as sitting a lot before a computer or watching too much of television or even too much of reading. Such things can easily be improved by changing a little of the lifestyle.

The best remedy for headaches is to lie down in a dark and quiet place. Instead of going for medications, you can also use balms (which you can apply on forehead) or get some to do a scalp or body massage for you.

So, what do you do for your headache?

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