Your sinus issues may just be due to Vitamin D deficiency! {Health}

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After like a long time, I am doing a health post. All the credit goes to my friend who had suffered from severe sinus issues for the past 10 days and has embarked on a new research to find out the reason and today she just happened to stumble on this piece of information!

So, what she says is something like this. Vitamin D deficiency is perhaps the reason for most of the respiratory issues, PCOD and even infertility. But, today we are going to focus on sinusitis. First check out the source of my friend’s knowledge here.
Basically, any respiratory issue gets inherently triggered by Vitamin D deficiency like asthma, sinus, etc. Also, the surgeries prescribed for sinus issues do no good. What happens is that when infection gets triggered, the sinus cavities get filled and blocked and they are not able to drain the mucus.
Also, if you are prescribed antibiotics, please remember that they are not the preferred solution. Why? Because one is never sure what triggered the infection – bacteria, virus or if its a fungal infection. If the mucus is tested, a proper treatment can be given. 
But, when a generic treatment is done, the antibiotics prescribed are extremely strong in dosage and they do more harm to the body than good. So, avoid taking antibiotics as and when you can. Also, homeopathic treatment has been known to do a bit of good so you might wanna try it out.
Also, the two simple treatments often prescibed for sinus is regular steam inhalation and oil pulling. I must say I am very happy that oil pulling is in the list coz I loved it. Do you remember I shared it a little while back? If you missed it, check it out here
Hope this helps :) And, do let me know if you know of something else as well about avoiding sinus and treating it! And, don’t forget to check the link above. It is really informative.
What do you say? Do you suffer from sinus? What do you do?
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  1. Anonymous says

    hi swati….
    nice info.Iam thinking about oil pulling.could u plz tell me is it necessary to quit tea or coffee before starting oil pulling for better results.

    • says

      hi Prashant…i don’t think oil pulling really has any connection to tea or coffee so i would advise you to start it asap. yes, on the other hand, do limit your intake of coffee or tea as it can cause acidity and bloating.

  2. says

    I hate the overuse of antibiotics! I too used to suffer from sinusitis (stopped a few years back) and got the most relief with steam inhalation. I never thought about a Vitamin D deficiency!

  3. says

    Sinus is my worst enemy. I have tried what all u told. Other than avoiding the reasons which cause it , like few smells, too cold water etc etc I could do nothng
    I try taking steam – karvol plus and pop a tablet mostly its sinarest or somethng else.
    Recently there was a nasal spray. still not in dispensaries but it works well but not recommended by all… forgot the name though :(

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