From the Archives : Use ginger to get rid of acne {DIY}

PS: Everyone has been asking me about how to get rid of acne so this is an old and a very useful post on the same topic. Hope this helps :)

Ginger is a very useful spice. And, it has great anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties along with its astringent properties which comes handy when you are dealing with a stubborn problem like acne. Acne can come in form of pimples, outbreaks or even worse. So, let us discuss what all you can do from ginger.

Ginger is great as a drink every day. Yes, it is pretty bitter in taste but it improves your skin from inside. It helps your body fight the free radicals and keeps your digestive system in order. It cleans out the toxins from your system. Ginger improves the blood circulation throughout the body and also cleans out the blood. Not only this, it also improves the skin tone and helps in getting rid of blemishes and spots.

Squeeze out a little of ginger juice and apply it on your face or just the acne-affected areas and see your skin improve in a matter of days. It works very well for unexpected outbreaks and pimples. You can also use the juice as a face mask for blemished and sun-burnt skin. And, you can also help your body by including this spice in your daily diet.

A little every day goes a long way. You can also use a little ginger in your spinach-lettuce juice in the morning. Pass a small slice of ginger along with spinach and lettuce while making the juice. It would give a spicy taste to your drink. And, not to mention, ginger is really good for throat infections, dry coughs and colds.

So, have you used ginger on your acne ever? Does it help?

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  1. Anonymous says

    hey thanks for the info…
    i myself got badly sunburnt when i was out..
    i was desperately tryin to cure it..i used Lacto Calamine lotion which actually made the situation worse…i got my skin peeling and i was so ashamed to show myface.Eloe vera(vitamin E+aloe vera)reduced the peeling…i consulted a dermatologist and she helped me out with momate and emoderm..the burns cured but white patches wer left behind which looked quite ugly..
    i used ginger juice on the patches and they are dissapering miraculously….i am so happy and thankful… thank u so much

    • amit chandak says

      how long did it take to completely recover….i would like to have your suggestion as am facing the same problem….

    • Anonymous says

      I have rosacea problem for 6 years..My cheeks are very rosy..can i apply ginger juice on my face..And when i need to wash my face after applying ginger juice in face..

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m using ground ginger and honey to make a mask I’ve only had it on for 3 min and you can feel it working will update you later

  3. Jhu G says

    I used: ginger juice, honey, sugar and lime juice… mix, exfoliate face and neck, leave on for 10 mins, rinse, pat dry and moisturize with a facial serum. Just tried it… my skin is heavenly! Thank God! I’d definitely use this as a daily treatment to help even out my skin tone and prevent more breakouts. I always chew ginger~ but never thought to put it on my skin. Pfft! Thank you :)

  4. Anonymous says

    i bought some ginger balm and applied it to my face each night before i went to bed and it healed my bad acne that i had for two weeks and nothing would take the swell or infection down, and after using ginger balm for two nights its already healing. its reducing the redness of the acne scars as well, not to mention my face is so smooth and soft. no more problems with over dry skin during this cold winter air, and pimples popping up from using oily greasy lotion on face. i’ve always had horrible problems with acne since i started having kids and this gingerbalm really amazed me with what its doing for my face. now i tried this before hearing anything about ginger healing acne, i just decided to google it because i have noticed a dramatic change in my skin since i started using it two days ago. try it for your self, its called “ginger balm go” by “the ginger people” … definitely worth a check out. proactiv never worked , neither does neutrogena or clearasil… whatever that 3 step foam stuff is they sell on tv i forget the name, but that didnt either.

  5. says

    i thought gingers are only for common wounds..i am a teacher, my former students had a research about how ginger treats is effective,..but since i have lots of acne i started to wonder if ginger can also heal that ihad read this articles.. will try it tonight..and i will give you follow up for the results…thank you

  6. says

    i thought gingers are only for common wounds..i am a teacher, my former students had a research about how ginger treats is effective,..but since i have lots of acne i started to wonder if ginger can also heal that ihad read this articles.. will try it tonight..and i will give you follow up for the results…thank you

  7. says

    I love the taste of ginger tea and I have used ginger, honey, and sugar as a face mask…quick and easy….granulated ginger tea…just add a tiny bit of water like enough to moisten the bottom of the cup…make use it has a scrub slash mask…add more water and pour over your scalp and hair….or use the tea bag if you go that route as a toner….it works well for cramps…kicks bad breath…and really all around is wonderful

  8. Anonymous says

    I have acne and have had it for awhile. I am trying this tonight and hope it works. I drink ginger tea every morning but haven’t notice any reduction in my acne. I have never tried it topically and when I applied had a wonderful tingle. I will try this and it can’t get any worse.

  9. says

    i am 24 yrs old..i really had a very big problems about acne before…i actually took a photo of it…And ginger helps me a lot to solve my problem….i’ve been using ginger since the day i first commented in this website (march 30, 2013) …i am very thankful about this site. My acnes are now healed and my skin really improved.

    • says

      it will help with pimple marks but not with the pits! apply the juice as a spot treatment at nights on daily basis after cleansing the face. let it dry and then wash off. moisturize.

  10. Anonymous says

    Can drinking ginger tea everyday help me with my acne problem or only applying it on my face will work? Thanks :)

    • says

      applying does help but dirnking has many other benefits like controlling blood sugar levels and reducing weight and how it affects acne is something i can not comment on but it does detoxify the body from inside.

  11. says

    Hi Swati,

    I have Acne Scars on my cheek. Can I use this ginger juice treatment on my cheek every night around 10-20 minutes? Just confuse can I use every night or not ? Can you let me know ?

  12. Anonymous says

    A friend told me bout dis ginger juice healing pimples, I hav rilli tiny pimples.. I’ve bought giner but I’m scared 2 apply it to my face.. Pls doz dat hav tried it, hope it won’t burn my face, plus shuld I apply it day n night or only @ nite????

  13. Toni Boosh says

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  14. Anonymous says

    Ginger works really great on skin, I use ginger paste twice a week with few lemon drops added to it, when applied on face i feel as though there is some really hot & burning on my face (that’s how it works )after 5 min i wash it off completely with cold water and have ice cubes massage on my face immediately..Now my face does not have any white & black heads , i don’t get pimples, I feel nice glow & healthy skin on my face.

  15. Anonymous says

    hi i have tried it put i mixed it with lemon juice and kept the mix in bottles for some 2 days i have seen great results on all my scares

  16. says

    hi i have hypopigmentation spots all over my checks and heard ginger was good for them can i still apply my cleansers, toners and moisturisers when applying the ginger to my face?

  17. Anonymous says

    Hi…Whats the best time to apply Ginger juice and till how much time we should keep it on? Also any good tip for People with Blackheads?

  18. says

    I think it works.i am applying it topically on my acne marks and pimples since a few days n feel they fading off..will continue for few weeks till i see a complete difference and will update.but i am sure it works :)..sanna

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