Tips to Quick Skin Care Routine {Skin Care}

I am a very very lazy person as you all would already be aware! So, I am always on the look out on how to shorten the skin care routine. So, let me share some of my shortcuts which do not really compromise on the quality of skin care. 

Use Shower Time Optimally
If you use homemade face washes cum masks like besan mixed with something, keep the mix of the flours or powders in enough quantity to atleast last you a week in a handy jar. Take a scoop and mix with water or milk and apply a thick paste while you get ready for your shower. 
Switch on the geyser, choose your clothes for the day or do other miscellaneous works in which the mask dries off a bit. If using a face wash instead, get into the shower, use that and follow with a face scrub and then apply a thin layer of a face mask. (I hate to apply face mask separately after shower because it involves so much of washing up and don’t forget your neck!!) Use body gloves for a quick and thorough scrub. Rinse, wipe off and moisturize.
And, when you have a bit of time like on holidays or in the evenings when you feel like pampering yourself, finish the shower and then apply the face mask on damp skin and wait for 15-20 minutes. In the mean time, wash off the clothes which you need to. And, then, finish off with a final shower completely before proceeding with after shower routine. And, always moisturize on damp skin.
Hair Wash Time
When washing your hair, shampoo and rinse. Again, shampoo and rinse. Condition. While you wait for the conditioner to soak in, shave off or give a pedicure and manicure to your feet hands or wash your combs and brushes or better yet, cut your nails!! After the task is done, finish rinsing your hair with cool to cold water. Follow with regular body routine. 
I can not think any more of shortcuts or shall we say time-saving tips. Do you have any such tips? 
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