Are you joining The Natures Co contest? [CLOSED]

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So, sometime in the week I had announced that we will have a Pro-Green contest which is sponsored by The Nature’s Co. And, I think it is an amazing initiative by the brand to promote environment consciousness even if it is a part of CSR and brand building and what not.
Anyways, so, I thought I would keep my oath pretty simple and hopefully, it is easy enough for you to pass it on as well to someone in your friend circle or family. I do hope you do it.
Throw the wrappers and all the other wastes in the dustbin instead of littering the roads which I often see people doing, even educated ones for that matter!! I promise that I would not throw the wrappers and the bus tickets and the bank statements or used paper napkins just anywhere. If there is no dustbin nearby, I would keep them in a disposable wrapper in my bag and throw it when I come back home.

So, are you with me? If yes, then fill the form below and do not forget to mention if you have done some other eco-friendly activity today instead of the one I mentioned above. And, also enter the name of the person who you have passed it on to and if possible, get them to fill the form as well.

And, if you have any confusions or questions, let me know in the comments below :) The contest is open till 12:00 PM, 26th September, 2013. Also, the contest would be sooner or later up on many other blogs. The blog which forms the longest chain of passing the Oath wins the mega hamper. All the participants of the said longest chain would also receive goodies from The Nature’s Co.

But, I would say take the time to do some good to the environment and enjoy passing the feeling :) So, see you guys on the longest chain list 😀


  1. anusha says

    i never litter on roads ..and if i am not carrying my bag i keep them in hands and throw it when i am back home ..this is the least i can do

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