The Green Beauty Skin Care Tag [Part – II] {Skin Care}

So, this is the continuation to the green beauty skin care tag which I had done yesterday. 
You’re in a pharmacy and you can pick only one item. What?
The pharmacies in India are hopelessly under-stocked. So, my pick would be evening primrose oil tablets. Evening Primrose Oil is amazing for anti-aging skin care and to prevent dryness. So, 10 1000mg tablets would last like a month or so. 
What are your Top Skin Care Tips?
  • Sleep
It is the the biggest anti-aging remedy or pampering you can ever provide your skin. Disconnect from technology and television and sleep early at around 10:30-11 and get up at 6:30-7. That’s the optimum beauty sleep you should get. 
  • Hydration
Use a hydrating product for your skin or in my case a toner before moisturizing or aloevera gel. Seal with a moisturizer which does not allow water to evaporate from the skin or in my case a facial oil. 
And, intake a lot of fatty acids like flax seeds or sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. Proper hydration and moisturization also helps prevent blemishes and dark spots.
  • Sunscreen

Yes, it is very very important. I wish I could suggest my favorite sunscreen to everyone but its so damn expensive and looking at the exchange rate these days, it would be better to stick to something easily available. So, use your favorite sunscreen in the recommended quantity for proper protection and avoid sun in the noon time. Though, I really don’t always do that!!

So, these are my top skin care tips which have helped my skin in the long run. And, of course eating healthy is always helpful. So, what are your favorite skin care tips???

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  1. says

    Hello swati,
    I have been reading your blog for quite some time. but have been so lazy to comment :-)
    I love reading your hair diaries.
    If someone asked me a question on what i would buy in a pharmacy i would just not know because there are so many i would love to stock up on.

    so true about the evening primrose oil. The GLA’s are so good for the skin.
    I love my fish oil’s, zinc tablets.
    Makes my skin look supple , sort of like a juicy fruit. (If you know what i mean)

    For me drinking a gallon of water, consuming my greens, ample exercise are the precursors to great skincare.
    And ofcourse facial oils.
    There are so many things to do to make the skin look fabulous.

  2. says

    Hi Swati, are you able to keep to the 10-11 PM sleeping time? I’m having a hard time but that’s something I really want to do. I definitely look a lot better when I sleep before 12 even when I wake up early.

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