The Green Beauty Skin Care Tag [Part – I] {Skin Care}

Thanks Vivi for tagging me :) And, I am excited to do this post! I have never really done any such posts so let’s see how I fare :-)

Describe your routine in 5 words.
Simple, Lazy, Natural, Lazy, Sleep
I keep my routine simple and natural and extra stress on lazy because I am really lazy and sleep because it cures everything!
What’s your skin type?
Combination with oil tendency in summers and dry in all other seasons. I am 27 now and I do not use any anti-aging product yet. In dilemma if I really need it.

What’s your favorite skin product?

I love oils. More exotic it is, more my tendency to use it. Till date, I have loved all oils I have used but best among them is apricot oil. And, I do love Rustic Art Aloevera gel in commercial products.
Top Blemish Zapper?
I never really had problem with blemishes coz my skin does heal itself in the course of time but I do believe honey helps a bit! And, proper routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing helps for sure!!
Face Wipes – Yay or Nay?
I am against face wipes in a daily routine basis but they are life saviors when it comes to travelling or during emergencies. But, please do not use them to wipe off sweat. The film it leaves behind can clog the pores!
Toner – Yay or Nay?
After a long stint with toners, I would say yes. If applied before immediate moisturization, it helps keep the skin hydrated and supple for a longer time.
High-end skincare or makeup?
You know the answer already. Skincare!!
What’s the most unusual skincare product I have tried?
I do not think I have tried anything weird on my face yet. I can say that first time I used face mask on my face was pretty weird for me!!
Since I am typing this on my mobile, my hands are tired so I shall finish this post in another part. Oh btw, I would love to hear your answers to each of the questions above so do not forget to answer them :-)
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    Loved reading your entry, Swati!

    By the way, I’ve never tried blogging from my mobile before. Wow! I salute you. 😀

    You already know my answers to the tag, haha.

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