Nivea pure effect Total Face Cleanup {Product Review}

Nivea pure effect Total Face Cleanup Product Review
So, this was on loving it list, if you remember! And, then, I had stopped using it for like a month. So, when I used it today, I recalled I have not yet reviewed it. So, here it is!!
Well, the first time I used the product, I remembered loving the texture of the product. It is so fluffy and smooth and looks very very luxurious. I think that is what I fell in love with.

texture of the product is very luxurious
cleans the face really well
scrubs very gently and removes the dead skin cells on the nose gently
leaves a subtle glow

Nivea pure effect Total Face Cleanup Product Review
When I used it as a scrub cum face wash, it was really soft on skin and yet removed the dead cells gently. But, the mask part was not so amazing. But still it was fine.

I love the entire concept of face wash cum scrub cum mask. Actually, the reason is that since May, I was following the same thing using 3 different products in the shower which was resulting in a lot of time waste in washing off one product and applying the other!

glow does not last really long
no removal of blemishes or oil or evens skin tone

Nivea pure effect Total Face Cleanup Product Review
A single product which can actually take care of everything came like a god-send. I use oils to cleanse off my sunscreen and this product is good at washing off the oil. Well, I can only say that not all face washes remove the oil completely!!
And, the scrubbing if done everyday is not really good but may be you can just be really gentle with it. Well, overall, how the product performs is quite vague in my case!
It cleans the face really well and leaves a subtle glow at the end but the glow does not really last for long. May be in the long run it really does something for the skin but I did not really feel that way. The only reason I love it is because of its texture. But, yes, it is worth a try!!
Price: Rs 199 for 150ml
It is available easily everywhere but I got it from myntra.
Did you use the product? Do you like it or hate it?
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