My Skin Diary – August 2013

Gosh…its unbelievable how this year is just flying by! I hate it and love it at the same time. Anyways, my skin was not behaving very well this month. I don’t know why but I did get an issue of lot of small bumps on the skin and by small, I mean very very small. You can just see that the skin is not looking smooth.

You will ask me if I did anything for it. Well, honestly, I did nothing specifically. My best guess is that it was because I did not use sunscreen. But then, this month I have cut some serious slack with sunscreen and those boils did not come later on when I stopped using sunscreen again.

So, may be the answer just boils down to maintenance. I have not been looking after my skin very seriously. I do tend to take it a bit for granted because my skin is, touchwood, really good. Thanks to my genes and no credits to me. But, I would reiterate the fact that howsoever good your skin might be, do not ever forget taking care of it.


Day Routine
Night Routine
  • Cleansing Milk – Garnier + Mustard Oil
  • Face wash – Nivea Visage Refreshing Face Wash + Olay Total Face Cleanup
  • Toner – Liz Earle + Kama Ayurveda Vetiver Water
  • Moisturizer – Rustic Art aloevera gel
  • Facial Oil – Turmeric infused Almond Oil + Primrose Oil

So, I have to say here that the turmeric infused oil is working really well on reducing the breakout size for me. A few days back I had a bad case on my neck. I think I accidentally scratched my skin in sleep and it was an angry breakout whose size had reduced to half and 1/3rd the night and night after respectively on using the oil. So, yes, I would definitely encourage you to try it out. 

Day Routine

Night Routine

  • Moisturizer – Vaadi Herbals Body Oil
Current Skin
My skin picking habit has left my neck tortured as I had mentioned earlier as well so I am STILL looking forward to reversing that damage and containing my habit. Do you have any advises? 
How did your skin fare in August? What were the products you loved and hated? 
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    • says

      Hey Pranali. how you doing??? as mentioned below, there is a tablet called primosa. you can get them in any pharmacy. cut them open and collect the oil in glass bottles and you can use it for hair or skin. its a bit expensive though so take the 500mg tablets first. or, i think soulflower carried evening primrose oil.

  1. fashionbeautyandsoul says

    Evening primrose oil is available in the form of capsules also, i guess PRIMOSA or something like that. by the way turmeric infused almond oil is a lovely idea.

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