My Hair Diary – August 2013

So, August was quite a lazy time for me whether in case of skin or hair. I did practically nothing for my hair except one treatment of Lush Caca Maroon. And, the tip of the month is to apply aloevera gel to contain flyaways and frizzy hair!! Works like a charm for me :) Let me put forward some of the questions I received on the last hair diary entry I had done.
Do you use any essential oils for your hair like rosemary or lavender?
Yes, actually! I have started using essential oils last year and I do very strongly believe that they have helped my hair a lot.
I love rosemary and that is my most extensively used essential oil. It has definitely helped improve the health of my hair and scalp.
Peppermint is another essential oil which is supposed to be amazing for hair growth. And, if you do get, thyme as well. I somehow have not liked any lavender essential oil till date.
Do you do the scalp treatment daily or just after every hair wash?
Well, I do believe that any scalp treatment should be done only after the hair has been freshly washed otherwise you will facilitate the hair to get even more dirtier by accumulating products on the scalp. Also, dirty scalp does not allow proper absorption of products so no point in wasting them then.
Well, there were these two questions last month! If you do have doubts, you can drop in the comments or send me mail and I shall answer them as well as post the detailed answers in the next month hair diary. And, now to the products I used.
Products Used
  • Hair Oil – Vaadi Herbals Amla Oil 
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  1. says

    Wow! I love Rosemary for my scalp, too. I believe it really helps in stimulating hair growth. I have naturally fine hair and I’m prone to hair loss.

    Rosemary + fresh aloe vera gel is my favorite hair treatment. I need to do this more regularly again.

    Does Lush Caca Maroon tint your hair?

    By the way, I tagged you in a skincare tag. Not sure if you’d like to take it on! :)

  2. Pranali says

    hey swati.. i had used caca noir for my hair last year but that didn’t work out for me..
    but just a week ago i successfully used henna+indigo (two step process) and though i don’t see any blue tinges in my hair, my hair have all got dyed black perfectly.. earlier they were part black & part multiple shades of brown..

  3. priyanka says

    heyy swathi,

    hows ur hair now after that cystene .
    i am planning to get it done since my hair is extremely dry and brittle and i am facing the hair fall issue.
    would you reccomend cystene for me?
    bdw how long did the cystene effect last for ur hair?
    i am curious to know

    • says

      hi Priyanka. cysteine is doing quite well on my hair and I did like it. I am not sure how long it stays but right now I can see my hair has grown almost an inch since hair cut in July and I have lots of baby hair for which nothing can help but as such frizzy hair I am not sure if I do have. It has been four months. I got it done in May end. And, my hair is still doing well. But, yes I am not sure how much it will help with hair fall. for dryness and breakage, it definitely helps! And, yes, go to a good salon and follow what your stylist says to the letter. extremely important and yes monthly hair spas would be good. and, yes, a para from my hair diary post which will be published on monday just to answer your query :) I was going to talk about the very thing you asked!

      And, regarding cysteine, I think the effect stays till your new hair grows out. The cysteine protein is introduced to the existing hair length so they look perfect but once your new hair comes, it will be your original hair with its own characteristics. May be, it might look good with a lot of pampering et al. But, it would not be the same. But, spending on cysteine was worth it according to me. Btw, just in case you have forgotten, it comes to around 10k. Another word of advise is please do not skimp on the salon. Getting a good service is more important than money otherwise you will ruin your hair. So, save for a few months and go to a good salon. Lakme near to my house was good. And, if you are going to Lakme, look out for company operated salons rather than franchises. They have better trained professionals.

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