How to start planning the wedding? [Part – II] {Bridal Files}

Ok, I have to mention here that these days are just rolling by crazily even if every second feels like an eon. And, the worst part is that I have really no idea of how much planning and everything really goes into all of this. In fact, I should be thankful I don’t have to worry about what to wear during the actual wedding as it is fixed.

What will you wear and what jewelery you will pair it with?
Now that you have a list of all the customs from the last post I wrote on the topic, you can start deciding what all to wear. 

What color combinations you would like, what kind of clothes you would prefer (may be start learning wearing them and feeling comfortable like sari), what makeup would you want and what kind of jewelery you will pair each of your clothes with, whether artificial or diamond or platinum or gold or silver or white gold or what not!!
Sigh…there is so much for females and this is just the starting. May be start browsing around for jewelery and trousseau designs if you have never done so.
Hunt for the perfect tailor and MUA
Ok, these are probably the most difficult. The tailor is important even if you go to the most exquisite of the boutiques and this is an issue especially when you have recently relocated or are staying at a place where you have never really bothered to get your clothes done!!
And, of course, ask around for the makeup artist in your friend and family circle or of course the blogs :) And, don’t forget getting a trial by either of them!!
Get a list of things you actually wanna get done or may be get a Bridal Package!
Ok, so I was sitting with my friends yesterday getting totally bored and suddenly this girl pops up what exactly are you going to get done for your face and body and hair. 
I know this is a point which anyone can take care of but if you are like ME, you really need a tutorial on this. I think I will put up another post narrating my experiences for your benefit. Hopefully, you will find it amusing ๐Ÿ˜€
For now, these are the things on my mind. I will of course add to it as it comes my way!! Ciao till then :)
Do send me some tips as well :)
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  1. Anonymous says

    hi swati…
    i don’t know much about it.but I will suggest u to drink a coconut water in the morning uptill ur wedding of my female friend follow this before her wedding.I hope this will help you.
    take care

  2. Coral crue says

    When you start off you think you have a whole load of time but be careful, days roll by too fast and before you know you will be getting married. I like the above suggestion about coconut water, it’s perfect to achieve great health and good glow before your wedding. Also drink loads and loads of water.
    Keep a diary and checklist of tailor suggestions, beauticians, stand by people to help you out and start shopping pronto!

    • says

      hey Coral…yeah, so true. now that shradh time is over, my parents have already started with everything and here my days are just going by on phone calls and chats ๐Ÿ˜€ yeah will probably go on shopping tomoro since the weekday would keep the mall a little empty!!

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