How to start planning for the wedding? [Part – I] {Bridal Files}

So, how do you think you would start the wedding preparations once everything has been settled? Would you wait for nick of time or do some kind of arrangements before hand. If it would be me, I would say the following things would be on top of my head. I will probably start compiling things mentally while people are busy eating sweets!!

Lists, Lists and More Lists!!
There are so many things to write about and if you do not, be assured you WILL forget them. So, keep a notepad with you or use technology and sync up your lists with your mom and dad through mobile.
The first list would be, according to me, the immediate people whom you will have to call and inform about the upcoming wedding. Dates need not be announced. These are close friends who should know this happy news. And, of course, relatives.
The second list – who are the invitees? Third – Jewelery shops. Fourth – Where to get Clothes from? What would be available where? Fifth and most important to you – What all things you need to buy beforehand like makeup, shoes, trousseau or any other miscellaneous thing which will go into your kit. Jot down every single thing which strikes you otherwise you are sure to forget.

Some miscellaneous things to note are what kind of invitations cards you would like to get printed, the venue for the wedding which is extremely difficult to get in the season, the return gifts you are planning for guests and other such small small things involved in the events.

The next list? Check out the next point :)
What are all the functions going to be done and what are the customs and traditions?
Whether your’s is a cross-culture wedding or a same culture wedding, some things do vary from family to family. And, even if you know each and everything in minute detail, it would help to jot them down. It is always good to cross check with your in-laws and your parents and relatives if you are required to wear something special for the wedding which you might not have much choice in choosing or likewise.
Why will you not have a choice in your own wedding? Well, certain things happen in certain way only. I can not really vouch for any other community or culture coz I am woefully ignorant in all these things. I have hardly attended 4-5 weddings in my entire existence and most of them were when I was a kid and I was hardly ever interested in those things.
But, in my culture wedding, the bride is required to wear only white sari with a yellow or red border while the main wedding is going on. So, the choice is obviously limited. So, such kind of functions might or might not happen in your culture but keeping a tab is good.  
This is the first part of this post. It was getting too long so I have broken it down into two! So, see ya tomorrow with the second post!!
What are the points you would suggest?
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