All about Facial Oils? [Part – I] {Skin Care}

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As you all know, I love oils. In fact, so much so that I would love to own all the apothecaries in the world! And, recently again, due to improper care my skin started to look and behave a bit weird so I thought I would go about giving it a good dose of care which does not ruin my easy life either. And, I have plethora of oils in my closet!!
So, that was when I started searching for how to use facial oils most optimally. Well, I know many of you are scared just when an oil is mentioned but guess what it is the best thing you can do for your skin. But, before that best, you do have to go through a fair share of trials and errors to know which one works best for which skin.
How to find the best oil for yourself?
Is your skin dry? Go for coconut oil. It has the fatty acids which instantly lift and plump up the skin and hydrate it from inside.   
Sesame oil is generally for normally dry to combination skin
Apricot oil is something which gets absorbed very very easily into skin. Grapeseed oil is also equally amazing for oily skin

I am not sure of almond oil. Some say that the molecules are too big to penetrate the skin so it does not really cause breakouts. But, I have no history of breakouts so I can not really answer that. But, it is great for under-eye areas.
Olive oil is something I will never really recommend. I have heard quite a lot of complaints about it but many raves also but personally my preference is not that.  
One more oil which I have used is evening primrose oil. I absolutely love it and would recommend it for mature skin, especially.

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How to use Facial Oil?
Any oil should be used on damp skin. Why? Damp Skin is a good absorber and oils get spread on damp skin more easily. 2-3 or maximum 5 drops of any oil is enough to cover the face, neck and décolletage. Or, one pump if your oil comes with that. 
Always remember to treat your neck and décolletage with the same products you would use for the face whether a mask or scrub or face wash or even the makeup remover or even sunscreen. 
After that bit of lecture, let me tell you how I use the facial oils. This is when toner comes into use the most. Wet the face with the toner either using a cotton ball or just with the toner collected in cupped palms and then while your palms are wet, take the drops of facial oil and rub the palms till they get a bit warm.
Press the palms on your face starting with cheeks and then forehead and then nose and chin so that least amount of the oil gets deposited on the T-zone. And, then start massaging into the face and then neck and décolletage. There is no need to use more oil unless you feel dry. 
So, these are my few cents on the topic. I hope this article has helped a bit. This is the first part though. I was writing the post and realized it was just too big so I thought I would publish the rest in a separate post.
So, do you use facial oils? If yes, are there any tips for us? 
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  1. Revathy Hnb says

    i m planning to pick evening primrose oil soon for the deep lines below my eye area….

    hv been wanting to try kumkumadi oil since long… but never really took the step to pick one n try :)

    • says

      hey Revathy. sure do, its amazing. you can also check out the primosa tablets. they are available at the pharmacy and last quite long. pierce them and use :)
      haha…i did try kumkumadi once but then the bottle broke so i could not try it properly and never again could i bring myself to buy such an expensive product!!! but yes its on my list 😀

  2. says

    hiya! I can’t say I’ve tried every oil out there, but I’ve tried quite a few I think everning primrose oil is the best i’m 25 and its just great not just for the outside but the inside, it’s great for the monthly s :) xx

  3. sam says

    i don’t know why u don’t recommend olive oil. my mother used to massage me with olive oil when i was a baby so technically i have been using olive oil since i am born and i have problem- free skin. only thing that i use other than olive oil is sunscreen

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