Weight Loss Series Vol. 2 – Do you keep a calender marking all the days you exercise?

calender marking the dates when you did exercises for weight loss routine
that’s a screenshot of my calender and the month is july and the numbers depict the count of skips!

So, I had been pretty serious with my workout sessions which were nothing more than 15 minutes per day, to be very honest. But, somehow in August, I fell off the bandwagon. But, everyday since I started I had kept a checklist of dates ticking off the ones when I did my exercises and how intense it was and if I missed, what was the reason.
The best part of keeping that checklist was it made me feel guilty for all the days I was missing my workout. Yes, I was still making excuses but then I was making effort just to put a tick there as well so it was working both ways. Also, it helped me keep a track of my periods.
Since I was skipping the rope and not having a yoga mat, I could not continue with exercises during that time. But, I would definitely recommend you to get yoga mats because you really are never sure when you would like some meditation time and keeping one mat at your disposal is always helpful!!

So, what about you? Do you keep a checklist? Or, would you like to give it a try?
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