All about Facial Oils? [Part – II] {Skin Care}

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Continuing from yesterday’s sermon on how to use facial oils, we will talk about different methods to use facial oil and how oil helps the skin. Read on…
Extra Rich Treatments using Facial Oils
Now, there are two kinds of options available to you. You can try either of them. Leave the massaged facial oil as a moisturizer just as it is for a nightly treatment.
Or, you can keep on massaging for 5 minutes to ensure that most of the oil gets absorbed into the skin. In this method, you can take a bit more of oil, like 10 drops, if you feel like. Keep the oil for 5 more minutes if you want or take a tissue and blot off the excess oil on the skin. And, follow with your favorite night cream or serum.
Another simple method is the Oil Cleansing Method itself. One can use heavy or the lighter oils, as the preference lies. Take a generous quantity and massage for 15 minutes. If done on clean skin, skin does absorb quite a good amount of oil.
And, use a face wash cloth to remove the rest of the oil just as in the OCM treatment. Do not wash the face. Follow with your favorite product or leave it just as it is. Also, let me tell you that this method with the oil which suits your skin is absolutely amazing to remove blemishes and scars and dark spots!!

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My Skin is Oily. How can I use oil???
This is the most common question when it comes facial oils. Yes, you CAN and you SHOULD use oils. The trick is to find the correct oil which suits your skin. My recommendation would be to start with grapeseed oil. And, you can probably use 1-2 drops instead.
Why facial oil helps any kind of skin?
Well, for one, oil is the only thing which can actually break down the dead skin cells binds and wash them off so oil acts as an exfoliant for all kinds of skin. Also, the molecular formula of oils is similar to the lipids present in our skin. [Remember the lipids?]
So, these oils go and form bonds with the lipids ensuring that skin remains at its best. Now, these lipids are mainly fats which is why we are advised to intake as much of Vitamin E and omega 3 as possible.
This is why oil is recommended even for oily skin. Also, oil and lipids on the skin only control the excess secretion of sebum as well so if skin is properly hydrated, skin generally does not produce more of oil.
So, you think you are up to use oils now? 

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