From the Archives : Acne – How to take care of your skin?

Acne is one of the most afflicting skin disorders. Getting rid of acne is not very difficult if a strict routine is followed. The only thing to be kept in mind is to be strict with yourself whether in diet or skin care routine.
First things first. Never exfoliate your face. That just worsens the problem. You want to slough off the dead skin. Use milk. Apply raw milk on face with cotton very gently and wait for it to dry. Wash off with cold water (as cold as you can bear). It gives a relaxing effect to your skin.
Do not ever touch your face and do not let your hair fall on your face. The dirt and oil form the fingers and hair does cause bad outbreaks. You might also want to make a change in your hair products if you have outbreaks near forehead or chin. This might happen if your skin is giving allergic reactions to the ingredients of the products.
Use a separate hand towel or wash cloth for your face. Do not use your body towel to clean the face. Use a very very gentle cleanser. Best if you can get a dermatologist recommended cleanser which is more gentle as compared to over-the counter products. A cleanser with bacteria fighting abilities would be preferred. Be very gentle while cleansing your face. Any rough movement can cause an outbreak. Wash in circular motions.
Lets talk about your skin care products. First thing is a very light moisturizer. Preferred if it has spf properties also so that you do not have to cake your face in lot of product layers which will lead to closed pores. Makeup products should be water based and best if in a powder form or if you can avoid them totally, that would be the best. At night, try to keep your skin completely naked instead of slathering any anti-aging cream. That would allow your skin to breathe.
Change your pillow covers every day. The dirt and oil is soaked up easily by the pillow covers and if you use the same ones night after night even for a week, they would cause some outbreaks. Hygiene is a very big part of your skin care regime. Change the face towel also daily and wash in an antiseptic like dettol or savlon. That would keep it bacteria free and dry them in direct sun light. That would prevent any humid bacteria build up.
Now, lets talk about your diet. Cut on junk, oily and spicy food. That just increases the outbreaks from the inside. Decrease the amount of sugar and salt too. Also cut down on alcohol, coffee, carbonated beverages and smoking. They all contribute to your aggravated acne condition. No energy bars or energy or fruit drinks too. They are just full of sugar and nothing else. Reduce the chocolates too even if it is the dark chocolate you prefer.
Drink lots and lots of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Drink lots of fresh fruit juices made at home. Keep your body light and exercise for a hour or two daily or thrice in a week. Drink fresh lemon juice every day in the morning. Follow all the tips I talked about today and you should see some improvement in a week or two.

So, what are your acne skin care tips?

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  1. says

    Is not using besan and clay mask making any difference in your skin? I can suggest you again to reduce the amount of moisturizer you are using. In case using the sunscreen, make sure that it is not too thick and does not close your pores. At least keep your skin free at night, it will surely help you. I know I have been giving this advise like I donno how many times. I hope you try it for once.
    Well, if the bumps are not reducing, it can also be due to your diet. Are you eating nutritious food regularly and are you sure that your skin is detoxifying itself properly. One thing I would suggest is drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning and take 30 minutes exercise daily. It is important to keep your body clean and it is good that you are sweating a lot. It keeps your skin clean from inside.
    Regarding excess sweating and all, I can only say that stay inside as much as possible and keep your skin clean. Whenever you feel a little sticky, take a washcloth, run it under cold water, squeeze it properly and press it on to your face. Do not wipe your face with it. Just keep it pressed till it turns to normal temperature. Let the face air dry. That should help a little. And, you could also consider using a face spray. I have posted one recipe already. Check it here. And, well, I hate to give this advice, but, you can consider applying a compact powder. Buy a good one from a reputed company. I think there is something in rose name from Lakme which is I suppose water based or something so that it does not block your pores. You can check that out. Compact powders keep the sweat in control. Use milk to clean your skin at night. Milk mixed with besan is great idea as it will properly clean away the compact otherwise you would need a makeup cleanser to clean it off. One more tip is that if you use sunscreen, always wash your face with milk because the base of sunscreen is also same as that of the makeup products so you need cleansers to clean it off properly from the skin.
    Btw, where are you staying if you do not mind answering?

    • arushi says

      Hey skin was too clear..but bfre 1 year my skin is suffering frm diffrent kind of problems..what r these tiny bumps..I dont know..dey come in small size all ovr skin areas nd if I poop it lefts brownish typ of scars in my face..I went to doctors too still m using one of pimples cream bt nthg is working plz help meh out..

      • says

        hi Arushi. it might be a hormonal issue since nothing else is working out. do not tease your pimples because they do leave ugly scars. I can not suggest what to do with your skin but I can tell you a trick to try out and see if it works. wash your face with honey every morning.
        and, at night, after cleansing the face thoroughly, wipe a cotton ball dipped in vinegar toner (1 part vinegar + 9 parts water) on your face. follow with a light moisturiser. hope this helps :)

  2. says

    Sweetheart I am following ur advice!not putting any moisturiser as u ve forbidden me to do so!not really going out so not putting any sunscreen!drinking lemon and honey drink in the morning!exercising is sumthing I shud start!besan and claymask show excellent results for few hrs and wen I wake up in the morning, it’s the same dull skin!Im still unable to figure out my skin type!
    I live in Karachi, Pakistan.

  3. says

    wow….even after al this ur gettin bumps…well it can also be due to the heat definitely….i think ur skin is normal type with a little bent towards oily….
    frist thing is start with a little exercise…jst go on a half hour easy walk…nothin much else…
    n ru eatin a lot of nonveg…thts one thin which makes u sweat a lot….i think the prob is with ur diet instead if nothin els is helpin u….
    first thin is reduce the amount of spices n nonveg n junk….no drinks too…if u feel hungry eat fruits n dry fruits….
    finally to keep from sweating…i can tel u only one thin…wash ur face with cold water every few hours…do not use any face wash…just water….
    one more thing is that u wake up wid dull skin? thts actually strange…ur body is not detoxifying properly as far as i feel….il post something on detoxification of skin…ok….one thing which i can advise right away is give ur stomach break for whole day n don drink anythin or eat anything except fruits and fruit juice and green tea and yogurt and buttermilk…all that stuff…n eat dryfruits….nothing else….see if it helps….let me also think of something….one thing also is that drink rice water…it helps in detoxification…n start exercising to improve your body metabolism… get back to u soon….

  4. says

    hey don eat dryfruits…thy wil increase ur body temp even more….n if u get coconuts…drink coconut water in abundance….like aroun 5-6 a day…its good for body….

  5. says

    bumps are dry not pus or water filled!mostly cover my cheeks and forehead! gud that u told me not to eat dry fruits as I was too tempted by karishma kapoor’s beauty regime of having almonds everyday!

  6. says

    actually…eating dry fruits is good for body but u said that its too hot at ur place….dry fruits increase the body temp internally and can cause outbreaks….u can have 4-5 almonds daily soaked in water overnight…tht wil be fine….u can even make a paste of the soaked almonds in the morning with milk and ingest them…i have been told tht it is quite tasty that way…
    try not eating anything except fruits for one day as i have told in the other comment…see if it cleans ur body better than now…i think its a detox prob only…ur skin is not losing toxins….even though u sweat a lot it is heat induced and not naturally from any physical exercise so i think u have to increase your blood circulation…that might also clean the toxins effectively….

  7. mounika says

    heyyy swathi help me in this…in how many days do we find the cheange if we drink beetroot juice dailyy..iam doing it from 1 week but didnt find any chang

    • says

      hi Mounika…beetroot is basically a internal thing which helps with iron and other things but not necessarily with the outside skin and all and for that, it would take a lot of time so I can suggest you to take beetroot juice once or twice a week in the long term!! hope this helps :)

  8. says

    Hi Swati! One more wonderful post from you :)

    I have dry skin and I still suffer from acne. Apart from those big cysts, there are several tiny bumps on my face. Can you help me on this?

  9. arushi says

    Hey skin was too clear..but bfre 1 year my skin is suffering frm diffrent kind of problems..what r these tiny bumps..I dont know..dey come in small size all ovr my forehead nd cheeks mouth chin areas nd if I poop it lefts brownish typ of scars in my face..I went to doctors too still m using one of pimples cream bt nthg is working plz help meh out..

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