From the Archives : Acne – Home Remedies {DIY}

Yesterday, I talked about how to take care of your skin and keep hygiene for preventing more acne outbreaks. Today, I would like to talk about some effective home remedies for acne. Hope these will be helpful for you. 

  • Lemon juice is one of the best bets. It kills the bacteria in the acne and also reduces the oil production on the skin. In fact, all the citrus fruit family is great for acne. Oranges, strawberries, raspberries; take a slice of them every time you eat a fruit and rub it over your face and other affected parts of the body and keep it on till it dries off. Wash with very cold water so that it gives some relief from any burning or tingling sensation. 
  • When I talked about lemon, tomato is the next follow up. Tomato juice is also equally effective for acne.
  • Remember one thing: Whenever you feel a tingling sensation after you apply any herbal or other product, it is a proof that it is working. If it starts irritating the skin or causes change in skin color, then it is probably time to get rid of the product or remedy.
  • Onion Juice and Ginger Juice is another great remedy for acne. Extract onion juice or ginger juice or cut a slice of onion or ginger and apply it on the affected parts. Wash off with cool water. You can even mix both of them.
  • To reduce any burning sensation or inflammation, use cooled tea bags and chilled cucumber slices. They provide a lot of relaxation. You can also apply sandalwood paste. It cools the skin and is an antiseptic. Mint juice is also very useful in dealing with the acne.
  • Mix 3/4th part of sandalwood and 1/4th part of turmeric. Make a paste with any fruit juice or mint juice and apply to the affected parts.
  • How could I forget aloevera gel. Plant an aloe at home and reap its benefits. The gel straight from the plant is great for acne.
  • Do not forget to use pomegranates. They too give you a lovely acne free skin.
You can also use something which will provide a cooling sensation or relief to the acne.

What home remedies do you use for your skin?

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  1. Anonymous says

    can you please tell me ..what can i do to remove my acne scars..currently i am using creams suggested by dermatalogist that too since 3 months..but i am not getting any he is suggesting for laser treatment for which i am afraid plz tell me some remedy..
    reply soon

    • says

      tomato + honey is very effective for removing scars. if you get sandalwood bloack, sandalwood is again great for scar removal. aloevera gel and cucumber juice and lemon juice are all great for removing scars. but, be patient and use these remedies regularly and it will take time to see results. give it at least a month. hope this helps :)

  2. Anonymous says

    thank you so much for the reply…i will definitely give it a try. can you please tell me in how much quantity we should add tomato and honey..and for how much time duration it should be remained on the skin

  3. Anonymous says

    I have had acne for ages but finally got rid of them. however, the scars are left behind and they are really dark. Is there anything you could reccomend for the scars?

    • says

      hey…tomato is good for scars. sandalwood powder does help a lot. potato is again supposed to be great for acne scars. hope this helps :) and, I shall try to do a post on this!!!

  4. says

    hi…i recently sustained wounds on my face from a fall, they are healing right now so the area is red, do you know anything i can use to keep it from scarring?

    • says

      hi, yes, you should definitely apply aloevera gel on it daily. use aloevera as a moisturizer. and, try applying honey for 15-30 minutes daily on the area. it also helps with scars. hope this helps :)

  5. Manpreet says

    Hi! I’m having lots of acne on my face try a lot of medications but didn’t work. Plz tell me how I can get rid of these acne

    • says

      hi Manpreet. you have to first find out why you are getting acne. diet? skin products? hormonal issues? teenager? there can be tons of reasons. whenever you get acne, apply a paste of turmeric + water on the breakout. it helps containing it.

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