Just Gossip Vol. 21 – Do you zoom your photos?

Ok, so yesterday I was clicking or rather trying to click the photographs of my hair for hair diaries and in the mean time, the lighting being really good, I clicked some of my snaps. And, then, when I started looking at the photographs, I literally zoomed in!
I have never really bothered about doing that till day but yesterday I was probably getting too bored. Anyways, I was just criticizing and checking out how my skin was looking and how many blemishes and dark spots my skin had.
Ok honestly I have to admit that my face was in pretty good shape except some of the blemishes which will fade on their own but when I took the snap (which I specially did for investigative purposes) of my neck, it was in a horrible condition :(

I have a bad habit of skin picking and I can see the effects. The skin on my neck does look tortured and all so I have resolved that I would not do anything harmful for my skin!! Lets see how much I am able to keep it up. Sometimes, I start bothering it unconsciously so I will have to keep a track of things as and when I am doing and stop those habits which are bad.
What about you? Have you ever taken a snap just to check out how your skin is? Do you zoom into your snaps?  
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